Week of Nov 6



GSD LogoUpcoming Important Dates

Nov 6 – PBL Parent night, GMS Library 6:00 pm
Nov 7 – Election Day, Gym will be out of use for the school
Nov 8 – Maine Bio Science Day, Special plans for the 7th grade
Nov 8 – Content Area Meetings, check agenda below
Nov 10 – Veteran’s Day observed, no school for students and staff
Nov 13 -15 – RtI Team meetings, please check the schedule for your team time
Nov 16 – Grade Level Assemblies during WIN Time (note: Lunch schedule change)
Nov 17 – School Dance Sponsored by the 6th Grade

PBL Parent Night

We will be holding an informational night for parents who are interested in learning more about the work we are doing with Proficiency Based Learning and how we will be reporting it. We will review both the JumpRope reporting system and the Infinite Campus system. We will highlight the similarities of both systems and also where there are differences. Our goal is to have our parents better understand how their children are are progressing towards the standards

I invite any and all teachers, ed techs or other staff to join us for this night.

Maine Bioscience Day

The Maine Bioscience Association of Maine is again sponsoring the Maine Bioscience Day for Middle School throughout Maine. This year, the date is Wednesday, November 8. On this day, we will provide a special schedule for the 7th grade so that they may participate in this very worthwhile event. This may have an impact on more than just the 7th grade.

Our participation in last year’s event was definitely a highlight for many of our 7th graders, and we look forward to working with our business partner, Artel of Westbrook. (I checked out their website to see if I could give a bit more information about what they do, all the words were way too big for me!)

Please check your mail for the 7th grade schedule for that day.

Election Day

Tuesday, November 7th is election day for local and state elections. Our gym will be closed for use beginning immediately after school until Wednesday morning.

Voters will be kept in the hallway between the gym and the lockers and will only use the entrance to the gym in that hallway. We will not be opening any other doors to the voters. Please remind your students not to open any doors for strangers, and, if you see anyone in our hallways not wearing a badge please ask them if you can help them and direct them to the office to sign in.

Content Area Meetings

This Wednesday is our Content Area meeting time. We will begin in the Library promptly at 2:30 and get the groups out to meeting areas by 2:40.


2:30 – Meeting Library and review meeting locations, participants and expectations;
2:40 – Convene Different Content area meeting.

School Dance

Our next school dance will be Friday, November 17 and it is sponsored by the 6th grade. I will be asking Heidi McGouldrick to put out the word for chaperones from the list of approved volunteers. Please make sure that you have sufficient chaperones for the dance.

Because it worked so well prior to the last dance, we will be holding grade level assemblies during WIN Time on Thursday, November 16 to review some rules, but also to review some of our expectations about digital safety. We have seen a bit of an uptick in our students engaging in online behaviors that have caused concern.

We will be changing the 7th and 8th grade lunch schedule that day so that we can have the 8th graders for an uninterrupted time. So, 8t grade will eat first lunch that day and 7th grade will eat second lunch.

Inside the Black Box

I have had some request for the article, Inside the Black Box, I mentioned during our early release day time by Dylan Wiliam (yup, just one “L”) and Paul Black. I want to warn you that it is fairly wording, and it is written in an English accent, so you may want to take it in small chunks.

I am including a video of Dylan Wiliam as he was interviewed by Principal from a school in England.


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