Week of April 3


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Upcoming Important Dates

Apr 3 – 7 – 6th Grade MEAs all week
Apr 4 – All Gorham Band Night, 6:00 pm GHS Gymnasium
APR 5 – Early Release Day
Apr 7 – School Dance Sponsored by the 7th Grade
Apr 7 & 8 – Middle School Jazz Festival
Apr 10 – EICAL Begins Again
Apr 10 – 13 – RtI Team Meetings, check your schedule
Apr 11 – All Gorham Chorus Night, 6:00 pm GHS Auditorium
Apr 12 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 in the Library
Apr 14 – Spring Break begins at dismissal
Apr 24 – Students return for the “final push”

EICAL Returns

EICAL returns on Monday, April 10. We will have the students for one week, then the spring break, and then back at it when we return on April 24. This is our next to the last rotation of EICAL. We have one more rotation for the year, finishing on the Friday before Memorial Day.

Lets finish strong for the students.


Meghan Rounds and Amy Cousins presented at the New England Secondary Schools Consortium Annual Meeting in Hartford Connecticut this past week. The topic of their presentation was all of the work that we have done as a school taking us toward our goals of Proficiency Based Learning. They actually presented twice at the conference,  and both presentations were very well received.

RtI Meetings

We have our next-to-the-last RtI meetings scheduled beginning Monday, April 10. Please make sure that you have these dates in your calendar. These meetings will be helpful to us as we consider placement for next year and how to make sure we accommodate students who have demonstrated struggles during the year.

For the 8th grade, these meetings will be helpful in making sure the the high school has all of the necessary information in making the placement decisions.

Early Release Day

The early release day schedule for 6th & 7th grade are shortened classes on a Wednesday  schedule. The 8th grade will be running their students through a Career Day, with presenters coming in from the community to speak with the students about their careers and opportunities and how the students can best position themselves as they approach high school and post secondary opportunities.

After the students are dismissed, our work will Health and Physical Education teachers and Social Studies Teacher will be meeting at the Central Office with Kate Gardoqui. The agenda for this work is:

Health/PE Afternoon, April 5, 2017

12:10 pm: Welcome, Agenda and Norms.
12:15 – 12:45: Presentation on Formative Assessment & Feedback – Kate G.
12:45 – 1:00: Questions and Discussion
1:00 – 2:35:  Alignment of instruction and assessments or crafting of new formative assessments or opportunities for feedback for students
2:35: All groups share out progress.
2:45: Wrap-Up and Next Steps

Social Studies (all teachers of Social Studies)
12:10 pm: Welcome, Agenda and Norms.
12:15 – 12:30: Discussion of formative assessment opportunities in Social Studies
12:30 – 2:35: Alignment of instruction and assessments or crafting of new formative assessments or opportunities for feedback for students
2:35: All groups share out progress.
2:45: Wrap-Up and Next Steps

Angela, Mike, Dave P. & Gregg need to examine the work they have accomplished this year in Jumprope. Since Gregg, and the rest of the 6th grade will be moving to Jumprope next year, please review how you set up your grade book in Jumprope and how assessments were categorized. How has using Jumprope improved your ability to identify the learning needs of your students?

Math Teachers will continue to examine existing assessments that are currently being used in classrooms. Find the assessments that are similar, or common, and prepare a catalogue of those assessments along with the Graduation Standards and Performance Indicators they assess.

Special Education
Teachers will meet with Larilee from 1:00-2:30 to review development of behavior plans and data collection samples. Site TBD, will let you know!

Visual & Performing Arts
Review results if the work completed in Jumprope. Examine how Jumprope has aided in assessing students both “for learning” and “of learning”. Where are the strengths of the system and where do we need to spend time in improving the experience for our students and parents?

World Languages
Continued work on assessments.

Please check back later for more updated information…


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