Week of March 6


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Upcoming Important Dates

Mar 6 – March RtI Meetings begin
Mar 7 – 8th Grade Parent Night at GMS 6:00 pm MPAC
Mar 8 – GHS Principal Jandreau speaks to 8th Graders
Mar 8 – Joint Faculty Meeting at GHS 2:30 pm
Mar 10 -12 – GMS School Musical (more info below)
Mar 11 – 6th Grade Honors Chorus Concert at Bonny Eagle 3:00pm
Mar 12 – Daylight Savings Time Begins
Mar 14 – GHS Chorus Concert beginning at 12:30
Mar 14 – Paul Gorski, Author of Reaching & Teaching Students in Poverty: Strategies for Erasing the Opportunity Gap 3:30, GHS Library
Mar 15 – Early Release Day, Students dismissed at 11:10 am
Mar 15 – Advisory Cluster Meetings 12:15 pm
Mar 16 & 17 – Parent Teacher Conferences
Mar 19 – Winter Fever Reliever GMS cafeteria 6:00 pm
Mar 20 – MEA Testing Window Opens (You all received a schedule last week)
Mar 20 – No EICAL for the next 3 weeks for testing

RtI Meetings this Week

Our regular monthly meetings with each team regarding RtI for students currently identified for interventions, and any new students you wish to review for interventions. Please remember that students who are already receiving services, either in Special Education or RtI labs, are not the focus of these meetings.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

We will hold parent teacher conferences on Thursday and Friday, March 16 & 17. We will begin after dismissal on Thursday and run until 8:00 pm and Friday, beginning at 8:00 am an running until 2:00 pm.

I know that some parents don’t feel the need to meet again, felling that their child is progressing fine and that their time is best employed elsewhere. Please make every effort to meet with all of your parents in hopes of finishing up the heat on a very strong note!

Great Learning Opportunity

Paul GorskiPaul Gorsky, author of Reaching & Teaching Students in Poverty: Strategies for Erasing the Opportunity Gap,  will be speaking at GHS on Tuesday, March 14 at the Gorham High School Library beginning at 3:30 pm. This presentation is open to all Gorham Educators.

To learn more about Paul Gorky, check out his web page: here

8th Grade Transitions

The transition to 9th grade and high school for all 8th graders begins, in earnest, on Tuesday evening with the Parent Nigh at GHS. The evening’s events are held in the GHS Auditorium, begging at 6:00 pm. GHS Principal Jandreau and other administrators and department heads will be available for questions and answers to parent questions.

Principal Jandreau will meet with the 8th graders on Wednesday morning at 8:05 in the GMS Auditorium to review the registration and course selection process with the students. Mr. Jandreau will also introduce several of the Department Heads who will let the students know what to expect for their classes and what the requirements will be for a successful High School career.

Joint Faculty Meeting

A reminder that we will be joining the High School Faculty for a joint meeting to here lawyers from the schools district’s law firm, Drummond Woodsum on accommodations and Modifications in the world of Special Education.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 2:30, please make every effort to be there in time for the 2:30 start.

School Musical School Day Presentation

A sure harbinger of Spring is the annual presentation by GMS students of the School Little Mermaid 2017Musical. This year, our students, under the direction of Tana Krohn, will be presenting The Little Mermaid, Jr. Presentation times are Friday and Saturday night, March 10 & 11 at 7:00 pm, and a new Sunday Matinee with the curtain rising at 2:00 pm.

We will be presenting a dress rehearsal for the school on Thursday, March 9. Please use the schedule below for your reference:


8:00-9:30– Musical
9:30-10:16– Period 5
10:16-11:02– Period 7
11:03-11:54– Period 3
11:55-12:20– Lunch
12:21-1:12– Period 2 (allied arts)
1:13-2:04– Period 1

Crescent and Moosehead:

8:00-8:45– Period 5
8:45-9:30– Period 7
9:30-11:00– Musical
11:03-11:54– Period 3 (allied arts for Moosehead)
11:55-12:20– Lunch
12:21-1:12– Period 2
1:13-2:04– Period 1 (allied arts for Crescent)

All of 7th Grade:

8:00-9:30– Musical
9:30-10:16– Period 5 (allied arts for Harraseeket)
10:16-11:02– Period 7 (allied arts for Stroudwater and Little River)
11:03-11:11:28– Lunch
11:29-12:20– Period 6
12:21-1:12– Period 2
1:13-2:04– Period 1

All of 8th grade:

8:00-8:45– Period 6
8:45-9:30– Period 7
9:30-11:00– Musical
11:03-12:20– Period 3 (allied arts for Peaks)
11:29-11:54– break for  Lunch
12:21-1:12– Period 2 (allied arts for Monhegan)
1:13-2:04– Period 1 (allied arts for Boon)

If the presentation does not extend to the full 90 minutes planned, please bring your students back to your team area and hold a shot SSR or a modified Tutorial (Modified meaning the students would normally go the a Special Education Teacher would not, unless arranged prior to the day.)

Music in Our Schools Month Concerts

I believe we finally have solidified the date for the annual Music in Our Schools Month GHS High School Chorus Tour. We will be entertained by the GHS Chorus on Tuesday, March 14 beginning at 12:30 pm in the GMS Auditorium. We will call down the teams at their appointed times, classes will just stop where they are, and when you return to class, pick up where you left off.

I expect the concerts to last about 25 minutes.

Ed Techs and the Last Workshop Day

The following is a note from Superintendent Perry to Ed Techs about the last workshop day of the school year:

I wanted to write to all of you because I’ve had a few questions regarding whether Ed. Techs are required or not required to attend the last day workshop in June.  I wanted to clarify expectations.

Ed. Techs who have not already worked their 3rd planned workshop day may attend the last workshop day in June and be paid.  Ed. Techs who have already worked their 3 planned workshop days may attend the last workshop day in June, but would not be paid to do so.
If you have used only part of the 3rd planned day, you may come in on the last workshop day in June to make up the difference between what you have used and the 3rd planned workshop day.
If you have any questions, please reach out to either myself or SAA president Kim Barbour.

March 15 Early Release Day

The March 15 early release day will be regular schedule with our Early Release Day Schedule, please follow the normal Wednesday rotation of classes.

The afternoon sessions will be time for Advisory Clusters to meet to discuss, as a whole team, the students within each advisory. Time is set aside beginning at 12:15 ( one hour after the students are dismissed) and will run through to 2:45.

MEA Testing Windows

The MEA Testing windows open for the math and reading portion of the MEA’s on March 20th. During the 3-weel testing window, we will not hold EICAl as a regular part of the day, teachers and students may use this time to make up for time lost during the testing sessions to meet with students and check-in fro continued progress during the testing.

Melanie sent out a schedule to all for the entire school-wide testing. It is important to recognize that this year, the testing will only significantly impact 3 days for each grade level. The remaining two days will be used to catch students who may have missed a testing day. We will deal with this students on an individual basis to have them complete the testing, all other students will run through regular schedules on those days.

There will be an additional testing window in April for 8th grade science and an additional testing window (new this year) for all grades for a writing assessment.

Interesting Read 

I came across this blog entry from a teacher from the Pacific Northwest, he is a High School English Teacher, as well as a Golf Coach.

As I read the blog, I must confess that I did see some of me in there. I hope you enjoy.



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