Week of January 30


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Upcoming Important Dates

Jan 30 – GMS Talent Show in the GMS Auditorium 6:00 pm
Jan 31 – Student showing of the Talent Show (see schedule below)
Jan 31 – Westbrook HS Visitation team to Westbrook High School
Jan 31- 6-12 Grading and Reporting Committee meetings 2:30 Central Office
Feb 1 – New EICAL Rotation begins
Feb 1 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 in the Library
Feb 1 – School Day Committee Meeting 6:00 pm Central Office
Week of Feb 6 – RtI Meetings per team, check you schedule for time
Feb 7 – PBL Steering Committee 3:00 pm Central Office
Feb 8 – Team Leaders Meeting, Melanie’s Room 2:30
Feb 9 – GATY Meeting 9:30 Central Office
Feb 10 – Parent Meet-up 6:00 pm GMS Library
Feb 10 – School Dance 6:00 – 8:00 pm Gymnasium

GMS Talent Show

The Annual GMS Talent Show will be held tonight at 6:00 pm in the GMS Auditorium. This should be a fun night of entertainment and song and dance for all who attend. This is also a great fundraiser for the GMs Student Council.

During the morning of Tuesday, Jan 31, all students and teachers will have a chance to view the show. We have created and distributed a schedule for all to follow to accommodate this. I am posting the schedule again here for your convenience:

8:00-9:30- Talent Show
9:30-10:16- Period 5
10:16-11:02- Period 7
11:03-11:54- Period 3
11:55-12:20- Lunch
12:21-1:12- Period 2 (allied arts)
1:13-2:04- Period 1

Crescent and Moosehead:
8:00-8:45- Period 5
8:45-9:30- Period 7
9:30-11:00- Talent Show
11:03-11:54- Period 3 (allied arts for Moosehead)
11:55-12:20- Lunch
12:21-1:12- Period 2
1:13-2:04- Period 1 (allied arts for Crescent)

All of 7th Grade:
8:00-9:30- Talent Show
9:30-10:16- Period 5 (allied arts for Harraseeket)
10:16-11:02- Period 7 (allied arts for Stroudwater and Little River)
11:03-11:11:28- Lunch
11:29-12:20- Period 6
12:21-1:12- Period 2
1:13-2:04- Period 1

All of 8th grade:
8:00-8:45- Period 6
8:45-9:30- Period 7
9:30-11:00- Talent Show
11:03-12:20- Period 3 (allied arts for Peaks)
11:29-11:54- break for  Lunch
12:21-1:12- Period 2 (allied arts for Monhegan)
1:13-2:04- Period 1 (allied arts for Boon)
Allied Arts teachers: Your plan period is during the talent show.  Your lunch will be at the time of the period 3 class that you teach.  If you have 6th grade, it will be 3rd lunch.  If you have 8th grade, it will be 2nd lunch, which will be a split class.

Faculty Meeting Agenda

  • Celebrations and Accolades
  • Guiding Principles Work
    • Why is this work important?
    • What have we accomplished?
    • What questions still remain?
    • Other
  • MYIHS Administration
  • NAEP Administration
  • Other

MIYHA Administration

Remember, we are administering the biennial Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey (MYIHS) to all students on Monday, February 6. We will have an extended Advisory period to begin the morning until 9:00. We will then run a Monday Schedule using the 1-hour delay times.

Please make sure that you follow schedule as designed. Here is the 1-Hour Delay Schedule:


NAEP Testing

I know there has been some concern about the students selected for the NAEP Administration. Trust me when I tell you, we have no control over the selection process. We sub,met a roster of our 8th grade students from Infinite Campus and the people at NAEP select the students to be assessed.

It is also important to note that the assessment will only be administered to about 120 of our 8th grade students. Again, this is not our call. Melanie has given all 8th grade teachers the schedule for the day on Friday, February 10, please make sure you are aware of the schedule and that it will severely impact the 8th grade day.

The NAEP Testing is for 8th garden only and should not have any impact for any other grade.

February 10 Dance

Our next dance is sponsored by the Principal’s Office. However, we are working with the Gorham Action Team for Youth (GATY), a committee that is working with the community to provide alternative, positive, healthy activities for our students.

GATY is planning a Parent Meet-up in the Library at the same time as the dance. The Parent Meet-up will be an opportunity for parents and guardians to meet with Cynthia Grover and Claudine Emerson to talk about alternatives for the children in our community, before they turn to substances and other risky behaviors.

The cost of the dance is $5.00, but students who bring one of their parents to the Parent-Meet-up in the Library will receive free admission to the dance.

Because this dance is not sponsored by any particular grade level and, the funds will be (I hope) less than the normal dance, we could use some folks to help chaperone the dance. If you aren’t doing anything special on Friday night, we could sure use your help!

The Pass Out Game

It is that time of year again when old fads return, even though we continually talk about how dangerous they are. The Pass Out Game, or Fainting Game or the Choking Challenge are back with our kids. Somewhere, our kids were told that they could get a euphoric high by participating in the game, and that they would not get caught. This is sometimes called “the Good Kids High” because it doesn’t involve drugs.

What the kids do with the game is to try to hyperventilate and then, either have another students put them into a bear hug and squeeze all of the air out, or the will put their thumb in their mouth and blow without releasing any air. The result in both cases causes the students to lose consciousness and pass out.

Besides the obvious danger of falling to the floor to ground and really banging your head, there are some real medical concerns that could impact the student or even kill him or her.

Please be mindful with our students here in school who may be playing these games.They are dangerous.

Current Events

We are barely two weeks into a new Presidency and there has been quite a bit going on. I can’t remember a time in history when we have had so many events happening and so many chances for our students to exercise their learning.

No matter what you political beliefs are, or who was you preferred candidate, there are so many chances for our students to learn. If students want to exorcise some of their frustrations, what better way for them to release those frustrations than to write a persuasive letter to their congressperson or a letter of support to the new President! How about a bit of research on the Constitution and Presidential Powers! What has been the impact of immigration on the United States over the last 100 years, or the math of immigration! How would your students communicate if they only had Twitter, and 140 characters, to make their point!

We don’t need to preach at our students, but while this is still “hot” in the news, many some of our kids would really get some learning out of this opportunity.

Just a Sort Video on the power of “Thank You”


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