Week of Dec 5th


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Upcoming Important Dates

Dec 6 – Chorus Concert 6:00 pm GMS Auditorium
Dec 6 – Assemblies with Linda Dutil during Tutorial
Dec 7 – Early Release Day Student dismissed at 11:10
Dec 7 – Teacher Workshop 12:15 – 3:00
Dec 13 – Band Concert GMS Auditorium 6:00 pm
Dec 14 – Leadership Team Meeting 2:30, Melanie’s room
Dec 16 – School Dance sponsored by the 7th grade

Linda Dutil Assemblies

Linda Dutil will present to our students beginning with the 7th grade at 8:52, 6th grade at 9:44 and 8th grade at 11:03. We will call the grades down at the appropriate time. I will ask all of you to wait for the call from the office before bringing down your students, and I will also beg your indulgence in the event that we are not exactly on schedule. Also, 6th grade will eat second lunch at 11:27 and 8th grade will eat 3rd lunch at 11:56, 7th grade will eat at the regular time for them.

Again, thanks for your understanding.

Pearl Harbor Day Remembrance

I understand that everyone would like to know exactly what will happen on Wednesday during the student day. There are some things that are set and other parts of the day that will be dependent upon how many visitors arrive at school. I wish this were more set, but, when dealing with folks who are volunteering their time, we are dependent upon who shows up on Wednesday morning.

I can tell you that, if all show, we will have veterans representing all conflicts involving US Forces from World War II through the current conflict in Afghanistan. I am hopeful to have all visitors confirmed by the end of the day tomorrow and i will get them scheduled into wings then.

Again, thanks for your understanding and patience.

Teacher Workshop on Wednesday

I am truly excited about the work we have set for Wednesday afternoon. I know that most have you have heard me speak about the power of EdCamps that I have attended over the years. I am not sure that I have ever engaged in a learning adventure that was as dynamic as an EdCamp.

EdCamps are an organic learning opportunity, designed by those involved in the learning for those involved in the learning.

Our focus is Student-Centered Classrooms, and I know that many of you are creating some very student centered learning opportunities for your students and this will be an opportunity to share what you have tried, and been successful, or tried, and not been as successful as you had hoped. When you share your learning and your experimentation with your peers, it becomes almost a cathartic experience when you realize that others have experienced the same struggles. Where the power of these events comes is when you share your successes and , especially your failures.

We are a very talented group of teachers with amazing ideas to share. We also have a vast and varied amount of experiences that would be helpful to the rest of us if you shared those experiences.

We will meet in the Library at 12:15 for the scheduling session. This should take about 20 minutes to accomplish and then we’ll send you all out for session one. We will have three sessions and we’ll announce the end of each session. While we will have set most of the afternoon’s schedule during the planning session in the Library, it is possible that the schedule could change because someone wants to add a session.

We’ll explain this in much greater detail on Wednesday at 12:15. Please be prompt and return from lunch at 12:15!

This Week’s Interesting Read

I began following Arthur Chiaravalli on Twitter about month ago. He is a high school English teacher in Michigan. He has been teaching “for years” and has been questioning the practices of assessment that he has used during his years and has spent a great deal of time seeking out definitive answers. He claims that he has found more questions about assessment practices the more he questions his assessment practices. This entry is a bit long, but it does offer some real tools you can use tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it.

View story at Medium.com


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