Week of October 31


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Upcoming Important Dates

Nov 1 – Most Likely to Succeed showing, GMS Auditorium 7:00 pm
Nov 2 – Content Area Meetings
Nov 8 – Election Day – Gym out of service
Nov 9 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 Library
Nov 11 – Veteran’s Day No School
Nov 14 – 16 – RtI Team meetings during planning times
Nov 14 – Grading & Reporting Committee Meeting Central Office 3:00 pm
Nov 15 – Principal’s Visitation to GMS
Nov 16 – Leadership Team meeting 2:30 Melanie’s room
Nov 18 School Dance, Holiday Food Drive 6:00 – 8:00pm
Nov 19 – GEF Trivia Night at Spire 29 doors open at 5:30 pm
Nov 21 – I-Team In-school Field Trip
Nov 23 – 25 – Thanksgiving Break
Nov 29 – Digital Citizenship Assemblies

Most Likely to Succeed

I am very proud that GMS was chosen to present this ground breaking movie about education our community. Given all of the work that our staff has done to examine how we deliver education to our students and all the work that each of you has done to improve our work, this film should provide us with a foundation for the work still ahead. I hope that each of you can join our community in this viewing.

Here is a small sample of what the movie will discuss:

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/178969881″>1. Essential Skills</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/mostlikelytosucceed”>Most Likely to Succeed</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

The doors open at 6:00pm and the showing will begin at 6:30. I hope to have a short discussion, Q&A period immediately following the showing.

PBL Learning Opportunity

Superintendent Perry has announced a great learning opportunity for all Gorham Teachers in conjunction with the University of Southern Maine. You all should have received her email, but in case you missed it, here it is again:

Would you like to improve your understanding of Proficiency-Based Learning and what “best practices” in the classroom look like within such a system?
Would you like to work with fellow colleagues in a collaborative learning environment to sharpen your skills and to share best practices with one another in this area?
Would you like to strengthen your understanding of how to develop PBL aligned assessments and use them effectively to improve student learning?
Would you like to do all of this through our local University right in your own neighborhood school – USM – WITHOUT having to travel to campus?
Would you like your learning to be tailored to what we are doing here in Gorham?  Taught by a co-teaching team of USM faculty and our very own Gorham teachers?
Would you like this learning to give you actual GRADUATE CREDITS and allow for you to earn a Certificate of Graduate Study in PBL through USM?
Would you like this learning to also align to your recertification needs?
Would you like this learning to be FREE – paid for by the Gorham School Department through our course reimbursement processes (up to 9 credits per year)?
Sound interesting?
I hope so!
Please check out the attached flyer to learn more about this EXCITING OPPORTUNITY offered through a new collaboration between the Gorham School Department and USM! 
K-12 Coordinators (Kim, Cheryl, Luci, and Terry), Asst. Superintendent Chris Record, and I have all been working with the Team from USM (Cathie Fallona, Susan Inman, and Sara Needleman) to develop this exciting collaborative course series to benefit all of you!
Please check it out and if you are interested in participating in this course series Please let your building principal know by Monday, Nov. 7.  We need to have a minimum of 20 staff across Gorham interested in order to offer the course right here on our campus!
If you’re interested, please let me or Susie know before next Monday, Nov 7.

Content Area Meetings

ELA teachers will be working with Kate Gardoqui during the Content Area Meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 2. Meetings will begin at 2:30 pm. Science Teachers will gather to review their work to date with Jumprope reporting system. I realize that 6t grade teachers are not currently engaged in Jumprope, but this would be a great time to be introduce to the work that 7th & 8th grade teachers are doing.

Social Studies will be bare minimum, Kim Fotter, Patty Joyce, Mary Ridge and Rick Rand. I know that there is still some work to be done on the scoring guides and rubrics, so that could be the focus of your work.

Math teachers will continue to work on reviewing their assessments with their peers.

Allied Arts teacher will meet as a group.

I would also ask that you pick someone within your group to be the taker of notes and upload those notes to the Google Classrooms for your content area.

Election Day

I am reporting on this because enough of you have expressed concerns about this particular election cycle. We have had elections here since the school opened 13 years ago with very little discussion. I am aware that test are very different time, however, and we do need to address these different times.

I met with Lt. Sunburn and Sgt. Nault of the Gorham Police Department to discuss any plans that the town has for providing security for the polling places. To be honest, they had no new plans other than what they have always done. However, for the middle school, especially around the time the students arrive to school, there is concern about traffic flow. The Gorham Police Department will work with the Cumberland County Volunteers in Policing (VIPs) to make sure that the traffic flows safely. The VIPs will be present during the whole day, from the time the polls open (7:00 am until they close (8:00 pm) to keep an eye on traffic, both vehicular and foot traffic.

SRO Mike Coffin will be present at GMS All day, while the students are in sessions and SRO “Pooch” Drown will stop by periodically to give Mike a few breaks during the day.

Lt. Sanborn has been in contact with the Town Clerk to review their plans for the gym. The town will also be offering a Flu Clinic in the “Ping Pong” Room during the voting, so we have decided to close down that entire section. Students will bot be allowed to use the locker rooms on Tuesday. Gym Classes will either be outside or held in classrooms where teachers are on planning periods.

I-Team In School Field Trip

We have arranged for the I-Team students to have an “In School” Field Trip on November 21. Terri Dawson and Beth Orlando, I-Team coordinators, will be getting a list of students who are members of the I-Team so that you know where they are during your class.

Digital Citizenship Assemblies

We will be holding Digital Citizenship Assemblies during Tutorial on Tuesday, November 29. The first assemblies will begin at 8:52 with the 7th grade, 6th grade will be immediately following at 9:44. We will switch lunches between 6th grade and 8th grade so that the 8th grade will eat last lunch and 6th grade will eat second lunch so that the 8th grade will come to the auditorium at 11:02.

The 8th grade will go immediately to lunch following the assembly.

We do expect that all teachers will accompany their students to the auditorium during these assemblies, and thank you, in advance, for your flexibility.

GEF Trivia Night

GMS will sponsor a team in the GEF Trivia night, so I am looking for some of our “wicked smaht” staff to come forward and carry the mantle of GMS on to victory. The evening is a major fundraiser for the Gorham Educational Foundation and their work helps to fund several events, field trips and other smaller ventures for all of our schools. If you are looking for a fun night with lots of laughs (and, I hear there are a serious assortment of “adult” beverages), plea let Susie or me know.

The event takes place at Spire 29 on Saturday evening, November 19th. Doors open at 5:30 as would the adult beverages!

School Dance

As was suggested a few years back, the November School Dance is to support the annual Holiday Giving that GMS so generously does each year. All of the funds of the event go toward buying turkeys, and gifts fir our students whose families are not as fortunate. Each year, our school community has provided wonderful holiday meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as a variety of wrapped gifts for students and their families.

I know that many of you have contributed in the past and, we certainly don’t want to stop that. It just seems as though the need out strips the ability for all of us the meet.

We are also looking for chaperones to help with this dance as well.



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