Week of May 31


Upcoming Important Dates

May 30 – Memorial Day No School
May 31 – Chorus and Steel Band Concert GMS Auditorium 6:00
June 3 – Naturalization Ceremonies 9:30 am GMS Gym
June 3 – School Dance and Block Party 6:00 pm
June 4 – GMS Chorus to New England Chorus Festival Agawam, Mass.
June 6 – 8th Grade Step Up Day
June 7 – GMS Band Concert 6:00 pm GMS Auditorium
June 7 – 6-12 Committee meeting at Central Office 2:30 pm
June 8 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 pm
June 10 – 8th Grade Celebration of Middle School 6:00 pm GMS Gym
june 13 – K-9 Step up Day and 8th grade Cookout
June 16 – Team Leaders Meeting 8:30 am GMS Library

Chorus and Steel Band Concert

If your looking for a great night out, I would suggest that you come on back to school on Tuesday evening for the Annual CMS Chorus and Steel Band Concert. The concert begins at 6:00 pm in the GMS auditorium and promises to be an entertaining night of “happy” sounds.

I know I don’t need to say this, but the students really enjoy seeing their teachers at these events, and, if you have small children of your own, your kids will really enjoy the concert. Maybe, you could make a night of it, a concert and then a stop at Beal’s on the way home?

Naturalization Ceremonies

Over the past several years, I have been exploring my family history. It has been an amazing journey for my family as I uncover many of the family “secrets” that have so richly described my personal history. One of the moments that I have been able to uncover is the date of the naturalizations of several of my Great Grandparents. Now, I don’t have any record of what the day and the ceremony looked like and sounded like, and I had only my imagination to use when thinking back on their special days. So, I am eagerly looking forward to the ceremony coming up on Friday at GMS.

I know that this will be an inconvenience for most of us, as we all try to pack so much into these final days of school before the long summer break. We will not be creating any sort of special schedule. The ceremony will begin at 10:00, we’ll get out more information later this week. I hope that we can all allow our kids to be a witness this moment. It will truly be an experience that will not forget.

Step-up Dance

We will hold the annual Step up dance on Friday evening beginning at 6:00 pm. This is a great event for all of us in that we get a first look at the incoming 6th graders and we have all sorts of fun and games going on during the evening. The proceeds of this dance help to pay for the 8th Grade Celebration of Middle School that will be held over two days this year.

We are always looking for, and welcome anyone who would like to chaperone.

GMS Chorus is travling

This coming Saturday, June 7, our GMS Chorus is traveling to Agawam, Massachusetts to participate in a juried concert at the Six Flags Amusement park. To help accommodate this, Tracy has asked that she have all of her Chorus students during the Tutorial and SSR periods for rehearsals on stage.

We wish all of our Chorus students good luck.

8th Grade Step-up Day

On Monday, June 6, all of the 8th grade will travel to the High School for their official Step-up day activities. The students will board the buses at approximately 12:15 for the short trip to the High School. Mr. Record and his staff have a full slate of activities planned for the afternoon and the students will be dismissed directly from the High School to their buses.

I expect that there will be at least two teachers per bus for the trip over to the High School. We can provide transportation back to the Middle School, or you can ride back with one of your teammates who drove over. Please et me know if you will need transportation back to the Middle School.

Inspiring Video

Many of you may have seen this video highlighted on the  evening news this past weekend. It is quite inspiring and a great feeling to think that people like this will soon be in our classrooms inspiring our students. Enjoy!


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