Weekly Memo May 23rd


Upcoming Important Dates

May 24 – Student Ambassadors to Boon Island
May 24 – Harriiseeket Team evening presentation of student projects 5:30 pm
May 25 – Student Ambassadors to Mohegan|
May 25 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 GMS Library (Food provided by female staff)
May 26 – Student Ambassadors to Peaks
May 27 – Junior Solar Sprint Challenge 8th Grade Science Classes
May 30 – Memorial Day No School
May 31 – Chorus and Steel Band Concert GMS Auditorium 6:00
June 3 – Naturalization Ceremonies 9:30 am GMS Gym
June 3 – School Dance and Block Party 6:00 pm
June 4 – GMS Chorus to New England Chorus Festival Agawam, Mass.
June 6 – 8th Grade Step Up Day
June 7 – 6-12 Committee meeting at Central Office 2:30 pm
June 8 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 pm
June 10 – 8th Grade Celebration of Middle School 6:00 pm GMS Gym
june 13 – K-9 Step up Day and 8th grade Cookout
June 16 – Team Leaders Meeting 8:30 GMS Library

Faculty Meeting Agenda

Food provided by the Female Staff members

  • Accolades and Celebrations
  • Breakout EDU Activity
  • Other

8th Grade Step Up Day

This year, our step up day will be a bit different than it has in the past. This year, the 8th graders will go to the High School at 12:15 and then be dismissed directly from the high school. They will not be coming back to the middle school unless they had a team practice or a game. I would like at least two faculty members on each bus fro the ride over. The others can drive and also be prepared to bring those that rode the bus back to the middle school.

I know that the High School folks have set a schedule for the students and that they will be very busy while they are at the High School. I would like to make sure that our current teachers are very visible, however, as we may have some students who would like to see the friendly face as they go through the activities.

Junior Solar Spring Challenge

If you have been walking through the 8th grade wing in the past few weeks, you will have noticed many of the students practicing with these very strange looking vehicles. They have been test driving these vehicles in preparation for the annual Junior Solar Sprint Challenge. These challenges are going on throughout the nation with a chance to compete against the fastest and sleekest cars in the land. The idea behind the challenge is to make learning science very relevant to the students and too their future.

If you have any free time on Friday, stop out back, on the basketball courts to witness the challenge races.

Our Two Favorite Words

Loooonnnnngggg Weekend!

I know it is hard to believe that the Memorial Day weekend is upon us, the unofficial start to the summer! Please enjoy your holiday and, while you are out on the lake, at the beach or enjoying friends and family around a cookout, please take a moment during the time to remember the reason for the day. We are fortunate to live in a land where so many have been willing to serve to protect our freedom and our way of life.

Next Year

We have been very busy preparing and planning for next year. We are all aware that the huge 6th grade class will all be moving on to the 7th grade. This has necessitated some moves between 6th and 7th grade. While it would seem to be a simple little move, it is like a big ball of yarn, when you pull on one string end lots of others start to unravel. I am so very appreciative of those who made the moves to make this possible. I know how difficult it can be.

In a separate email, I will get out to you all of the new teams, new advisory clusters and the new classroom assignments for all.

We now really ramp up the placement of students on to teams and into advisories… More fun!

8th Grade Celebration

Just a reminder that we are doing the 8th Grade Celebration quite a bit different this year because of the Municipal Referendum on Tuesday, June 14. We will have the actually Celebration, the public portion on Friday night at 6:00 pm in the GMS Gym. The 8th grade dance will follow immediately after the celebration in the gym, usually 7:15 and run for 2 hours. Then, on Monday, the 8th graders will come back to GMS for final activities, participate in the step up day activities and then have the cookout and viewing of the annual slide show. The will then be dismissed for the final time at GMS with the rest of the school.

On Tuesday, June 14, the last day of school, they will stay home!

A Video to End the Year

This is an oldie, but definitely a goodie. I struggled to find the cleanest version without losing any of the effect. Enjoy


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