Weekly Memo


Upcoming Important Dates

May 17 – NWEA Testing for 6th Grade begins
May 18 – LeadershipTeam Meeting 2:30
May 20 – 8th Grade Physics Day at Funtown
May 23 – Civil Rights Team to Augusta
May 24 – Student Ambassadors to Boon Island
May 24 – Harriiseeket Team evening presentation of student projects 6:00 pm
May 25 – Student Ambassadors to Mohegan|
May 25 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 GMS Library (Food provided by female staff)
May 26 – Student Ambassadors to Peaks
May 30 – Memorial Day No School
May 31 – Chorus and Steel Band Concert GMS Auditorium 6:00
June 3 – Naturalization Ceremonies 9:30 am GMS Gym
June 3 – School Dance and Block Party 6:00 pm

NWEA Testing

I may have been misleading to some of the grade level with the original dates I reported for the beginning of the NWEA testing. I forgot to consider the loss of the first day of 8th grade testing because of computer glitches and the fact that the start date for each grade level was pushed back by on day. So, NWEA testing fro the 6th grade will begin on Tuesday, May 17!

Student Ambassadors

Ryan Watts, Transition Counselor at GHS and GMS, has arranged for selected 3rd year high school students to spend a day, in class with each of the 8th grade teams to dispense advice and take questions on what to expect during their first year of high school. As you can see by the above Import Dates, the ambassadors will spend on e day with each team.

Current Teacher Information Sheets

Most everybody has completed the teacher information sheets we need to place our kids for next year, however (and you know there’s always a “however”!), we still have some folks who haven’t finished with their advisory group. If you could all make sure that you have completed you advisees that would be very helpful.

Field Trips

Please double check with Kristen to make sure that we have your field trip listed on our list. As I mentioned last week, it is always a good idea to check with transportation two or three days prior to your trip, just to make sure your buses are reserved. Also, two or three days prior to your trip, please contact Lynn Erickson in the cafeteria and let her know how many bag lunches you will need and that your team will not we at lunch on the day of your trip.

When you select your chaperones, please remember that all of the parents and guardians must have been vetted through the Gorham Schools Volunteer Program. If you have any questions about whether a parent has been vetted and been approved, please contact Heidi McGouldrick.

Naturalization  Ceremony

We are more than excited that GMS has been chosen as a locale for the swearing in a of a new group of American Citizens. The event will take up a good portion of the morning of June 3. Earlier this week, Susie sent out an email to all of you with the rough outline for the events and, as you can see it is a pretty pack morning. We will get times on the events of the day and get that out to all. Suffice it to say, the morning, probably to lunch, will be consumed with these ceremonies.

Faculty Meeting Exit Slip

At the last faculty meeting, I presented an article by John Warner, We didn’t spend a lot of time on the article at the meeting, but I did send out an exit slip asking for responses from each of you. To date, I have received about half of the exit slips from you, If you haven’t completed your exit slip yet, could you please do so today. This is an important topic, and some of the slips have some excellent suggestions and observations that can help us formulate our plans in the years ahead,

Survey for Administrators

A few weeks ago, I sent out a link to a survey of our staff for both Susie and me for your input. The input is completely anonymous and will be very helpful in our improvement plans for the future. We all know that we have lots of room for improvement and your input is critical in helping to make that happen. I would really appreciate it if you would all take the few minutes needed to complete the survey. It really shouldn’t take too long.

While I am on the subject of Surveys, Heather Perry sent out a link to a survey of the the staff that could be used as part of her improvement plan. Again, it is not too long and would probably take a few minutes to complete.

Laughter Begets Better Learning?

What do you think? Is there room for laughter in our school if it helps all of us learn better?




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