Can We Call This March?


Upcoming Important Dates

Mar 1 – 8th Grade Parent Night at GHS Auditorium 6:00 pm
Mar 1 – Principal Visitation and Observation session (info below)
Mar 2 – Read Across America Day
Mar 2 – Spread the Word to End the Word Day – GMS
Mar 2 – Leadership Team meeting 2:30 in Melanie’s room
Mar 3 – Presentation of School Musical for students during the school day (schedule to follow)
Mar 4 – 6th Music Honors Festival
Mar 4 & 5 – Public presentation of School Musical GMS Auditorium 7:00 pm
Mar 5 – EdCampME at Waynflete School, Portland 8:00 am
Mar 7 – Southern Maine partnership Assessment Webinar 4:00 pm
Mar 7 – Public Forum to discuss the Gorham School District Re-Visioning GMS Library 6:30 pm
Mar 8 – GHS Principal Chris Record to address the 8th grade
Mar 9 – Faculty Meeting, GMS Library 2:30- 4:00 pm
Mar 11 – Teacher Workshop day
March 24 & 25 – Parent Teacher Conferences

Principal Visitation Team

As i mentioned last week, the Principals from all the schools in Gorham will be here on Tuesday, March 1. Each of them will be sent around the school to different classrooms to perform a quick walkthrough observation. In addition to the classroom visitation, I am asking them to look for the “hum” of the building. How students are greeted by adults, how students address each other and how the building feels to a visitor.None of these require anyone to “change” their approach to our daily routine. Frankly, I am very proud of the “hum” of our building and I do like to show it off when we get a chance!

Spread the Word to End the Word Day

Thanks to dedicated work Luanne Amell, we will once again be celebration our Spread the Word to End the Word Day at GMS on Tuesday, March 2. In the past Luanne has had T-Shirts to give away and other goodies, but we have given away t-shirts to lots of our faculty over the years, it is probably time for other schools to get into the swing with their staff and students, so we are forgoing the t-shrts this year.

Students and teachers can still make the pledge at the R-Word website and I encourage all of your to take a look at this site and make your pledge to end the use of derogatory words directed towards those who are gifted in a very special way!

Beginning the Transition to High School

It is a true harbinger of Spring when GHS Principal Chris Record and several Department Head and School Counselors come to GMS to address the 8th Grade Class. They will all be here on Tuesday, March 8 at 8:00 am to give our students their first look into the working of the High School. This meeting shouldn’t last longer than 45 minutes. Please bring your students down to the Auditorium at 8:00.

The 8th grade parents are invited to attend the annual GHS 8th Grade Parent Night in the GHS Auditorium on Tuesday, Match 1 at 6:00 pm. Students are also invited to attend, along with their parents to hear Mr. Record explain the “inner workings” of the High School for parents and students. Please remind you students of this Parent Night, tomorrow night.

The Stock Market Game

Beginning March 14 through June 3, we have been offered a chance by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Foundation (SIMFA) to engage our students in the Stock Market Game (SMG). The SMG is a high-tech, online financial education program widely used in grades 4 through 12 classrooms across the nation. SMG is the most effective in-school program of its kind, featuring consistent application for all users replicable impacts, and data-driven measurable outcomes. And, this whole program is my favorite word, “FREE”!

There is a teacher support center that helps teachers get started. It included the basics about stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The center will provide rules of the game, lesson sequences, student activities andstudnet portfolio information. Students will work in w real time environment and develop portfolios for their team.

For more information check out the web site: SMG

There is also an essay writing competition called InvestWrite, that students who participate in the SMG are eligible. InvestWrite reinforces students’ research, critical thinking, problem-solving and writing skills.

Please let me know if you are interested in more information.

GMS School Musical

On Thursday, March 3, all students will view the performance of the GMS School Musical, Legally Blond, Jr. A schedule was sent out to all on Friday. Please refer to the schedule for your time. I want to assure each of you that we went to great length to try to arrange a schedule that would allow every teacher time to view the production, however, I am not sure that was possible.

We will send out seating arrangements for each team in the next day, please try to follow the seating arrangements.

EdCamp Maine

Always keeping my out for FREE professional development opportunities, the EdCamp model is one that we have used here for past PD events, and even for a faculty meeting or two. The EdCamp is PD for educators, done by educators. It is an opportunity to seek out something that you want to learn more about and find others in our educational community of Maine who have similar wants and experiences.

EdCamp Maine will be held this Saturday, March 5, on the campus of the Waynflete School in Portland. The Camp begins with coffee, tea and great munchies at 8:00 am. They get down to the business of deciding who wants to learn, or share, something during the morning sessions at about 8:30.

If you have never been to one of these EdCamps, I highly recommend it. You can be as active or as passive as you want. You can sit in on sessions that sound good to you, but don’t really meet you needs and then walk out without anyone asking questions. You will hear several times during the day that this PD needs to fit you! You will also have the opportunity to ask about a specific topic that you want.

I guess my point is, this is very free wheeling and flexible, it is designed to meet your needs as an educator and a learner.

Re-Visioning Workshop at GMS

On Monday evening, March 7, Superintendent Perry, and several members of the initial Re-Visioning Team will be presenting on the work of Re-Visioning for the Gorham Schools. Superintends Perry is seeking input and information from several different groups involved in the Gorham Community as the work of the committee begins to take shape. I invite all of you to join Heather and the committee members in helping to shape the future of the Gorham Schools.

We will meet in the GMS Library beginning at 6:30 pm.

Faculty Meeting Draft Agenda

Parent Teacher Conferences

I think I created some confusion back in August when I was developing the Leadership Calendar. I had noted that we would be having Parent/Teacher Conferences on March 11, and that was incorrect. I have since changed the calendar to reflect the correct days on the Leadership Calendar.

We will be holding our evening session on Thursday, beginning at dismissal until 8:00 pm, and then on Friday beginning at 8:00 until 2:00 pm.

We will continue to meet with our advisory groups, but, if parents want to meet with classroom teachers (core content area and Allied Arts), please make sure that you have time build into your schedule to make these meetings possible.

I know this is a lot, but…

I couldn’t let this video go by for another week without sharing this. Kayla Delzer is a 2nd grade teacher, EdCamper, Columnist and blogger from Fargo, ND. If you get a chance, follow her on Twitter @TopDogTeaching or her website Enjoy!



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