Week of September 28


Upcoming Important Dates

September 28 – NWEA Testing for 7th Graders begins all week
September 30 – Maine Harvest Lunch
September 30 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 GMS Library
October 5 – EICAL Rotations begin
October 9 – Teacher In Service Day – No School for Students
October 12 – Columbus Day – No School, Students and Teachers
October 14 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 GMS Library Refreshments by 7th Grade
October 16 – School Dance Sponsored by the 8th Grade


We will begin the EICAL rotations on Monday, October 5. Each rotation will last 9 days, with perhaps one exception. If you check the Leadership Calendar on Google Calendars, you will see when each rotations begins. Unless otherwise noted, the next rotation will begin on the next EICAL day (Mon, Wed or Fri). We have some rotations that may end on a Wednesday, if that happens, we will have a Tutorial day on the next Friday. This will also be noted on the Leadership Calendar.

We have identified Support Room teachers for math and ELA at 7th Grade and math at 6th Grade. I am still looking for people to do the Support Rooms at 8th grade and ELA Support at 6th grade. Please see me if you have an interest in doing any of these.

I am also receiving some write ups from teachers who will be offering Enrichment activities. We still need to hear from a few teachers as to what they will be doing during this time, please forward me your write up as soon as possible.

Maine Harvest Lunch 

We will ago be celebrating the Bountiful Harvest of the season on Wednesday, September 30 in the cafeteria. We would like to welcome all staff to join us for lunch and enjoy the wonderful repast that our Food Service folks have prepared. I know that some of our students have been busy working with the kitchen staff to prepared some wonderful pumpkin spice, chocolate chip cookies for our dessert. I also know that Mike Sunburn has been busy scouring the local fields for the best flavor and the finest produce to serve. Please plan to join us.

Faculty Meeting Agenda

Celebrations and Accolades
Vicki Bove – Haystack Arts Presentation
EICAL Discussion
RtI Update – Schedule of team meetings

Teacher In Service Day

Friday, October 9th, is our next Teacher In Service Day. The focus of the day will be to get us all “up-to-speed” with the new Teacher Effectiveness software that we will be using to track our professional growth. We will all delve in great detail into the Teach Scape program to help us all learn how we can utilize the software to help us in our teaching practice. Please make sure that you bring you charged laptop with you for this work.

School Dance

The next school dance is October 16th and it will be for the benefit of the 8th grade. As always, we will need a full cadre of chaperones, parents included. The first dance of the year was very well attended by our students, and we have 50 more students this year than we did last year. As always, it will be a fun night for our kids and for the adults in attendance.

Lexus Eco Challenge 

Scholastic Books has sent out information regarding  the STEM Contest called the Lexus Eco Challenge. The Lexus Eco Challenge seems to actually be two challenges, with significant monetary grants attached to each that can be combined. One challenge is a “Land and Water” Challenge and the other is “Air and Climate”. The Land and Water has an entry deadline of October 16, while the Air and Climate has an entry deadline of December 11. For more information about either of these challenges check out the web site: http://lexus.scholastic.com/challenges

Office of the Secretary of State Student Programs

The Office of the Secretary of State in Augusta offers some wonderful programs for middle school aged students and teachers that can really enhance the lessons that you have already prepared for your students. We take advantage of a coupe of the programs they offer with their sponsorship of National History Day and our 8th Grade Citizenship Awards Program. But they also offer several more wonderful programs that would heighten student interest:

Maine Civil War History for School Program – A State Archivist will come to GMS and speak with students about the impact that Maine had on the Civil War and the impact that the Civil War had on Maine. The presentations brings the topic to a local level, with accounts of people in our town or our neighboring towns who contributed to our participated in the war efforts. The program is free and tailored to our school community.

Congressional Medal of Honor Project – A great service learning project, student study a local Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, work with the community to record an existing memorial or establish a memorial for the recipient. Student engage in research, design, presentations fundraising and planning an enduring memorial.

Maine Constitution Essay and Poster Contest – An essay or poster contest open to K-12 students to show what they know about Maine. Winners will have a chance to travel to the Maine State Archives to view the original Maine State Constitution of have Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap come to your classroom to share his knowledge of the state.

State Tours and Civil War Primary Source Documents in Digital Format – The State Archives offer free tours and the ability to access primary sources through digital formats.

Top learn more about these programs, check out the Secretary of States web site: www.mine.gov/sos/kids, or call them ay 626-8400.

Interesting ED Week Article

In the September 23rd edition of Education Week, there is an interesting article by Carol Dweck, the author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. In this article Dr. Dweck talks about the success of the idea around Growth Mindsets and also some of the pitfalls that she is beginning to see crop up as a result.

I am not sure that you’ll be able to open this link, I hope that you can, but if you can’t, please see me for a copy of the article. I think it will be great fodder for discussion in your team meetings.




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