You Knew This Day was Coming!


Upcoming Important Dates

July 28 – EdCampOOB (details below)
August 12 – MooseCamp PBE (details below)
August 27 – Teacher Workshop Day
August 28 – Teacher Workshop Day
August 31 – 1st Day of School (6th Grade only)
September 1 – All Students come to school
September 4 – No School
September 7 – No School Labor Day
September 8 – And the long Stretch Begins!

School Renovations and Redecorations

When you return to school at the end of the summer, you will see some very dramatic changes in our Main Office. Dan Depres and Kathy Richardson have been very busy designing, decorating and painting our office to give a brand new feel for everyone who enters. The former “conference room” across from Susie’s and my offices has been re-purposed in to a small kitchen and informal meeting area for our staff. We will continue to have coffee always brewing, but now we’ll have a larger refrigerator (thank you Teresa Merrill), microwave oven and all of our supplies, right at our finger tips. The Painters are very busy finishing up in both the Allied Arts wing and the 6th grade wing. Now, I am not one who has ever been confused as any sort of interior decorator, but the color schemes chosen for the walls in the halls and classrooms will really have an impact on how our kids view their school. We have a brand new company providing us with our janitorial and cleaning services and they are busy getting the building ready for the new year, In the next couple of weeks I expect that they will have all of the floors polished and waxed and the counters, desks and chairs all cleaned and back in their rightful classrooms. I believe that everyone will be pleasantly surprised with all of the renovations and redecorations when you return for our new year!


There will be an EdCamp in Old Orchard Beach on Tuesday, July 28 (next Tuesday). Many of you may remember that I have promoted these events during the school year, most notably the EdCamp held in March at Waynflete School. These events are an amazing professional development opportunity by the folks who are seeking the educational opportunities, namely the participants! The best part of these events, I mean besides being incredibly great learning opportunities, is that they are free. If you are interested, I am including the link for more information. I know that Terri Dawson and I plan on attending. Oh, and did I mention that they are providing lunch, on the Old Orchard Beach Pier, over-looking the water! I hope that many of you can join Terri, me and a whole bunch of other great educators in OOB!

…And Speaking of EdCamps…

Another great learning opportunity, albeit in Dexter, Maine, that will focus on Proficiency Based Education. The format will follow the EdCamp model, being driven by those attending the camp getting what the need or want to know more about from those who are attending. MooseCampPBE will be held on August 12 at Ridgeview Community School in Dexter. The doors will open at 7:30 am and the event ends at 3:00 pm. If you are interested in more information about MooseCamp, check out their weebly at:

Teacher Workshop Days

We all return to school on August 27 and 28 with our annual Teacher Workshop days to begin the school year. As of today, we haven’t yet discussed the schedule for the day. I expect that we will gather, either at GMS or at GHS for an opening address by Heather Perry. The GMS Leadership Team will be meeting in the second week of August. We will be discussing lots of initiatives and plans for the coming year. We certainly have lots of interesting challenges ahead of us this year. I expect that we will face these challenges as we always have, with a smile on a face and determination to do the best we can for our kids in our hearts and minds. When I get the details, I will pass them along to you. In the meantime, go back to enjoying the summer!

And, of Course…

You know, it’s been a long summer and I haven’t shared one video with you all,… YET! This is a very interesting TEDx video that incorporates a little bit of our “Backwards Brain Bicycle” friend, Dustin. (very little!) But it does pose some interesting fodder for thought… I hope you all enjoy.

Now, Go Back to enjoying the summer!


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