Last Week of School


Upcoming Important Dates

Monday, June 15 – 8th Grade to Range Pond
Thursday, June 18 – K-9 Step up day Details below.
Thursday, June 18 – 8th Grade Celebration 6:00 pm GMS Gym
Friday, June 19 – Last Day of school, dismiss at 11:10

Step Up Day Schedule

For the past couple of years, we have not had Allied Arts classes, Special Education classes or Learning Labs. Teams have covered themselves during the time from 8:00 – 9:00 and after 11:00. So, here is what the day should look like (insert: With the Good Lord willing” and the Crick don’t rise!”)

The 5th graders should arrive around 9:00 am (operative word being “should”). They will go into the auditorium and sit in their assigned advisory. We will then announce that the 8th graders are to load the buses for the high school with the Ed Techs Then we will announce that the 6th grade teachers should bring their students to the Gym and wait until the 7th grade teachers come to take them back to the 7th grade wing. At the same time, 7th grade teachers will bring their students to the 8th grade wing and then go to the gym to get their new kids. When the 7th grade teachers get to the gym. 6th grade teachers will go the auditorium and get their new students.

At this time, all teams will begin their Step-Up Day activities. Could you all please let me know what you will be doing for activities.

We would like to have the 6th graders return to the Auditorium at 10:40. This should be about the time the 8th graders will be coming back from the high school. The 8th graders will proceed to the Gym for our last run through for the evening’s exercises. We will announce when we are ready for the current 6th an 7th graders to move back to their wings.

The 8th graders afternoon is booked. 6th and 7th grade will need to make decisions about how your afternoon will work. Please remember that the 8th grade will be having a cookout from 12:00 to 1:00outside by the basketball courts and the Music rooms, so if you are planning to take you teams outside, please stay away from the cookout area. The 8th graders will be going in to the Auditorium at 1:00 to view the 8th Grade Slide Show and then they will return to their team areas to complete a final clean up.

It would be very helpful to the office if you would let Kristen and Laurie know where you will be during the afternoon.

Last Day of School

Friday, June 19, is the last day of school. I know this comes as a surprise to most of you!

The 8th graders will not be coming to school, they will be home sleeping in after a wild night of celebration and dancing. This means that we will have 8th grade teachers available to help out in grades 6 & 7. In the past, we have sent our kids along, at the very end of the day, to their next year’s teachers, with some success. I will leave it up to each grade level to make this determination, but I would like to have 8th grade teachers available to help out wherever and whenever possible.

We will dismiss the students at about 11:10. We should be very close to this time since the High School will be on their make-up day for finals and not many kids will be taking them.

Placement and Next Year’s Schedule

We are putting the final touches on the placement of students for next year. I think that Heather Kilborn did an excellent job working with everyone to make our teams reflect the make up of the entire grade, this is no small task. Also, Terry Lamontagne, our amazing Guidance Secretary, once again waved her magic wand over the Infinite Campus system to make all of this possible.

Our EICAL (we need to find a better name for this) will look a bit different than it did this year based on the feedback you all provided and the conversations we had as a faculty. We will also need to truly examine how we provide our RtI their one services to our kids as well as provide direct instruction for many of our students who struggle with that ever evolving and nebulous term, Executive Functioning.

We will continue to have discussions regarding how we use this period, but, based on the feedback from you and what our needs will be, we will keep the 3 days of Interventions and Enrichments and 2 days of Tutorial. The question is where they will happen during the course of the week. We plan to also use this time to “assign” kids into an intervention at the Tier one level, so we’ll be looking for teacher, specifically math and ELA, to provide lower level interventions as well as some math and ELA to provide some extensions in these content areas.

We’ll get some ideas out to you over the course of the summer, so please watch this space for updates.




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