Hoping for a Quiet Home-Stretch


Upcoming Important Dates

Wednesday, May 27 – Leadership Team Meeting 2:30 Melanie’s room
Wednesday, June 3 – Faculty meeting 2:30 in the Library
Friday, June 5 – Step Up Dance 6:00 -8:00 pm GMS Gym

Laptop Collection

The end of the school year brings us to the annual collection of laptops. Mike Nash has very little time to collect, inventory and assess each device, and, as you can imagine, the process is quite extensive and tinge consuming. It is also important to try to get all of this counting and assessing of 8th grade devices completed prior to the 18th of June, the last day of school at GNMS for our 8th graders.

Our plan is to collect the 8th grade devices, complete with the bags, and chargers, on June 12, meaning the last day for any use of the devices will be June 11. We will need the students to make sure that the laptop bags are free from any student owned supplies (e.g., pens, paper, markers, etc.). Please have the students clean the clamshell case and the screen, using the appropriate cloth, and no water! Have the students properly wrap the power supply cords and return duck-heads, as well.

We plan to collect the devices by team, so we’ll be publishing a schedule of time and location for each team. 6th grade will be collected on Monday, June 15 (last day of use will be Friday, June 12). 7th grade devices will be collected on Tuesday, June 16 (last day of use June 15).

We will be seeking some student helpers to assist in the collection, so if you have a very dependable student, who is interested in technology, please send their name to Mike.

8th Grade Student Behaviors

There has a very disturbing trend developing in the 8th grade among several of the males. The behavior is disturbing because of its nature and what this behavior has created within all of the grade level. I am not sure why it has become a trend but I do know it needs to stop, now!

The behavior is despicable and demeaning to our female students and, in the past week, many of our girls have come forward to complain. They all would like it to stop! And, no, this cannot be chalked up to the adolescent nature of boys!

Beginning with one, or two students, there develops a chant-like, low moan and an occasional high pitch yelp. The girls have understood that to be directed towards them (and, to be honest, all females in our school) as being very sexual in nature. When I have spoken to the boys whose names have come forward they agree with what we have been told about the nature of the “chant”.

I am asking that all of us make ourselves very present in the hallways and, if we hear, anything, we react swiftly.

I have been told that several girls have the boys to stop, and they haven’t. Within the legal definition of Harassment, continuing the behavior after being asked to stop meets the standards of the law.

I am please asking that each of us take a very active role in making this behavior stop. Aside from being illegal, it is, as I have said previously, despicable behavior, not in keeping with our Code of Conduct, and it creates a hostile environment of intolerance for all of us.

Schedule and Team Assignments

We are progressing with our schedule and with the placement of students on teams and advisories for next year. We still plan to have all of this complete by our Step-up Day on June 18, and, test, you will all get this information prior to that day.

We do not expect any substantive changes to our schedule for next year. We will, however, consider some of the suggestions that were made during our faculty meeting last week. There were some very interesting ideas from all of you that will help us as we progress toward billing a schedule for school year 2016-2017.

 An Interesting Read

Garnet Hillman is an educator from Illinois. She has taught at the high school level, teaching World Languages. Currently she is an Instructional Coach at the airfield, Illinois schools and she publishes a regular blog as well as moderates a Twitter Chat, #sblchat, onb Wednesdays at 9:00 pm EST. If you haven’t had the opportunity to join one of these #sblchat, I highly recommend them, even if you just lurk. The folks who attend and contribute to this chat on Wednesdays are very talented educators who are using proficiency based learning and standards in their classroom, as well as a whole collection of “All-Stars” from the assessment world.

In this edition of her blog she asks the question that is on all of our collective minds as we travel through our own transitions, “Ive got the Standards Based Philosophy, Now What?”. In the very interesting and enlightening post, she is able to ask and answer many of the questions that arise in our daily practice. I hope you enjoy her post, and I encourage you to follow her on Twitter of follow her blog posts.




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