Hang in There, We’re Almost Done!


Upcoming Important Dates

Monday, May 11 – 6th Grade MEA Testing begins, all week
Monday, May 11 – 8th Grade Summer Reading Book Talk 8:00 am
Tuesday, May 12 – Selected Students visit Elementary Schools
Wednesday, May 13 – Early Release Day, Students dismissed at 11:10 am
Thursday, May 14 – Selected Students visit Elementary Schools
Friday, May 15 – 8th Grade Physics day at Funtown
Tuesday, May 19 – NWEA Testing Window begins for 8th graders

8th Grade Book Talk

Lucie Bowers and Chris Record will address the 8th graders on the selection of books for their summer reading. 8th Grade teachers, please remind your kids of their obligation to finish reading these books during the summer to prepare for a series of activities during the first day of school in August.

5th to 6th Grade Transition Activities

During the coming week, a group of selected 6th, 7th & 8th grade students will be traveling to the Elementary Schools to talk about “Life as a Middle Schooler”. These students will be dismissed from their classes for the afternoon (after testing for 6th graders).

Early Release Day Agenda

To properly prepare for the work of Wednesday, all teachers should begin entering some of you 3rd quarter assessments into Jumprope as we will be asking all teachers to take 5 students, and their 3rd quarter work, an upload their results into Jumprope. This will require each teacher to determine which performance indicators that were being assessed. When this information is uploaded, I would like to have all teachers begin to manipulate the information in Jumprope (e.g. formative assessments, summative assessments, cross curricular information and guiding principles). We are seeking to see where we need to address future professional development.

One real caveat, this will be far from perfect! I have no expectations that everyone will have a complete understanding of this. We hope that this will begin to uncover what our next steps need to be as far as professional development needs for the coming school year. It should also help each us get a better understanding of how the system works and how we can makes this work for us.

We will meet in the Library at 12:15, after lunch on your own.

Field Trips

This time of year tends to get very busy with teachers and students leaving the building for various activities. Please complete the District Field Trip Request form found on the district Web Site and as you send this out for approvals please make sure you include the following:

Kristen Fitz
Judy Philbrick – Transportation
Rhonda Warren – Superintendent Office
Lynn Erickson – Food Service
Teresa Merrill – School Nurse
Susie Hanley
Bob Riley

If you are leaving the building to take your kids on a walk or to do a lesson out of the building, please let Kristen and Laurie know. Often time, it seems that when we are looking for kids for their parents to pick up, they are outside the building. It would also be helpful if you took one of the walkie-talkies with you.

More Testing

Now that we have almost completed the MEA administration, we start all over agin with the NWEAs. 8th Grade will begin the schedule on Tuesday, May 19, followed by the 7th grade the following week and the 6th grade the week after that.

Then, we will be done with the assessments for the year… until September!


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