The Spring has Arrived!


Upcoming Important Dates

Monday, May 4 – 7th Grade begins MEA testing
Wednesday, May 6 – Leadership Team meeting, Melanie’s room 2:30
Friday, May 8 – School Dance sponsored by the 7th Grade
Monday, May 11 – 6th Grade begin MEA testing
Tuesday, May 10 – Heather Kilborn and selected students visit Elementary Schools
Wednesday, May 13 – Early Release Day, students dismissed at 11:10
Thursday, May 14 – Heather and Students visit Elementary Schools.
Friday, May 15 – 8th Grade Physics Day at Funtown

MEA Assessments

Well, we have completed the first week of our testing schedule, and it seems that everyone has survived! Actually the testing went quite well with very few hiccups. This is where we say “Thank You” to Dennis Crowe and his entire staff for getting us very well prepared for the technology demands of this assessment. Considering that this was our first round of testing using technology (I know we use the NWEA, but this round had a bit more at stake.), I think we performed at a very high level.

Some of the early observations, students tests freezing or going blank, only happened on the first day, or at least they were only a problem for the first day. One suggestion coming from the 8th grade faculty is to display on your whiteboard the instructions for the students to follow;

  1. Log out of your user (apple, log out)
  2. Log back in to the MEA secure browser (password: mea)
  3. Enter your student ID (on sticky note, 9 digits)
  4. Session ID: (created by teacher)
  5. Select the G8E-Summative-Perf-BrainWorks and wait for “approval”
  6. Once you finish, please close your computer and read!

All 7th grade teachers should have the State IDs for their students. If you don’t please let me know.

School Dance

We have the next to the last school dance of the year, sponsored by the 7th grade. As we approach the spring fever season, please remind all of your kids about the appropriate dress for our dances. We will be watching at the door for things that are too short, not wide enough, too low or too revealing. Both Susie and I really hate to call these kids on this, but we will and we do.

Field Trips

We are deep into the spring field trip season, please make sure that you have received the proper approvals for your trip, that you have informed anyone who could possibly impacted by taking students out of the building. The two folks who really need to know of each trip are Teresa Merrill and Lynn Erickson. Having a lot of kids out of the building, with little notice, really impacts how much food Lynn needs to prepare for lunch. Yu informing her will help us cut back on waste.

Elementary School Visits

Heather Kilborn and Susie Hanley will be taking a select group of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to visit the Elementary schools preparing our new crop of middle schoolers fro the transition. The visits will be done after the testing on Tuesday and Thursday, May 12 &14. The selected students will be gone from classes for the afternoon, returning back the GMS in time to catch the buses.

Early Release Day

Our next early release day is Wednesday, May 13. The students will be dismissed at 11:10, lunch is on your own and we’ll begin our work at 12:15 in the Library. Our plan is to delve more deeply into our Jumprope grade books. We’ll have a plan for what the work will be later this week. If you haven’t yet gotten into your Jumprope grade book, this would be a good week to give it a try.

Learning and the Brain

I have had a lot of requests for the link to this video on the Backward Bicycle Brain, so I have included it here, but I also came across this article “Six Important Things to Know about How your Brain Learns”. So here is the video and the link to the article follows:

6 important things to know about how your brain learns

Fire Drills

Finally, the warm weather has arrived and with the warm weather comes the season for Fire Drills. Please review all of our procedures with your students and be prepared for that all too familiar “WHOOP, WHOOP!”


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