Upcoming Important Dates

Monday, April 6 – MLTI Visitation Team 1:30 pm (See below)
Tuesday, April 7 – Gorham All-District Band Concert 6:30, GHS Auditorium
Tuesday, April 7 – 6th Grade Sebago Team Ancient World Museum 6:00 pm GMS 6th grade wing
Wednesday, April 8 – Faculty Meeting GMS Library 2:30 pm (Agenda to follow)
Friday, April 10 – GMS School Dance sponsored by the 6th grade. 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Tuesday, April 14 – All Gorham Chorus Night, GHS Auditorium 6:00 pm

MLTI Visitation Team

I received an email on Friday asking if we’d be interested in hosting a visit from Mike Muir, new Policy Director of Learning through Technology at the Department of Education, Doug Snow, Senior Program Manager from Apple, Bret King, Project Manager-Apple, Thom Cosgrove, Technology Planning Coordinator-DOE, and Sherry Wyman, School Library/Technology Integration Coordinator-DOE.

After explaining that Monday was the opening game for the Boston Red Sox (first pitch 3:05), I said we would love to have them come to visit is. They plan to arrive at about 1:30 and they would like to meet with Terri Dawson, Kathy Marquis and any of our teachers who like to pop in. They said the meeting would be very informal. I also suggested that, since Monday is the day our I-Team meet, they might want to observe them in action and get some input from the students.

If you have a moment, before you leave for the day, stop by the DEC or the Library and Mike and his team. I think Mike will be a great addition to the MLTI team and his work in Auburn and at the University of Maine at Farmington has led him to this position with the state.

Faculty Meeting Agenda for Wednesday

  • Food provided by the Allied Arts folks
  • Celebrations and recognitions
  • Looking towards next year, and beyond
    • Musts
    • Wants
    • Wishes
  • Other

Tuesday April 7 Could be Busy

We have lots of our students involved in activities on the evening of April 7th.

The 6th Grade Sebago Team is hosting their annual Night at the Ancient Museum beginning at 6L00 pm in the 6th grade wing. Each of their students has created some wonderful projects highlighted something, or someone they learned about during the year in Social Studies. I believe that Kim Fotter has sent out an invitation to all classes during the periods just before lunch and just after lunch to visit the exhibitions. You may want to call Kim to arrange a good time for your students to visit.

Then, at 6:30 at Gorham High school, the Annual All Gorham Band Concert will will perform. This invent brings all of the students throughout the district into one location to perform. It allows the students to demonstrate what they have learned during the year and perform for their families and our community. The concert begins at 6:30 pm in the Performing Arts Center at Gorham High School.

Yearbook Purchase Deadline

Please remind all of your students about the deadline for ordering yearbooks of this school year is April 20th. We will only oder the exact number of yearbooks that are purchased and paid for, there will be no extras. We all know that each year, when the yearbooks are being distributed at the end of the year, there are kids who “forgot” or “I know I ordered one” or “there must be one extra” and it creates quite a problem for the office and it creates a very disappointed kids.

Please let all of your classes and advisories know of the deadline.

A Dan Pink Booster 

We are fast approaching that time of the school year when kids begin to see the end of the line and getting them to complete most anything becomes a real challenge. A couple of years ago, we posted in the space an RSA Video on the Science of Motivation by Daniel Pink, the Author of several books on Motivation. 

Here is a sniper of a much longer video (see, I am learning that not everyone likes to watch videos!) that involves the art of persuasion.

Another Great Piece from Edutopia

Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) is a regular contributor to Edutopia. In this edition, she talks about her revelations about Formative Assessment and some really nifty ways to get a look at where each of your students are their understanding of a particular topic. Four of the five tools she describes involve the use of student technology, which we have plenty. The fifth method requires the teacher have technology, but the students.

Anyway, I found this an interesting look into someone else’s classroom and some good ideas for “taking the temperature of the class”. I hope you enjoy this short article.

5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools.



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