A Full Week of School, Can We Go for Two?


Upcoming Important Dates

Wednesday, March 4 – Leadership Meeting 2:30 – 4:00 in Melanie’s room
Thursday, March 5 – Full performances of the School Musical (Schedule to follow)
Saturday, March 7 – EdCampMaine Wayneflete School 8:00 am
Tuesday, March 10 – 8th Grade Parent Night at the High School 6:00 pm
Wednesday, March 11 – Early Release Day Students dismissed at 11:10
Wednesday, March 11 – Potluck luncheon with HS faculty, Chris Kaufman and “Bumper Soccer”
Thursday, March 12 – Parent Teacher Conferences 3:00 – 8:00 pm
Friday, March 13 – Parent Teacher Conferences 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Tuesday, March 17 – Chris Record and HS Dept Head meet with 8th Grade 8:00 am
Wednesday, March 18 -Faculty Meeting 2:30 GMS Library
Thursday, March 19 – Annual Music in Our School Month Concert 12:30 & 1:15

Middle School Musical

Unlike years past, we will be providing time during the school day for all of our students to see the entire performance of Alice@Wonderland during the school day. In the past, students and teachers have mentioned that it was very anti-climactic to get to the best part and have the show end. Of, course, that could also be considered great marketing as well, but I do believe we all want to see the entire production. Therefore, we will provide times for each team to view the work of their peers.

7th Grade, Moosehead Team and Eagle Team will see the first show beginning at 8:05. Please bring your students to the auditorium immediately after announcements. Also, please make sure that you are present when you bring the kids into the auditorium and have them sit in the assigned seats. Moosehead, please seat your students in the last 2 rows on the left side of the auditorium as you look at the stage and one half of the row after the back aisle.  Eagle, if you would take the last 3 rows on the right side of the auditorium as well as the right half of the row after the back aisle. 7th grade please seat you students with your teams.

8th grade and Sebago Team will view the second show beginning at 9:45 (however, please wait for the office to call you to the Auditorium). Sebago, please have your students sit on the left side of the Aduitorium in the last 5 rows. If there are additional seats needed, please use the row after the back aisle. Monhegan, please sit on the left side starting from the front, Boon Island you will sit on the right side starting from the from and Peaks you will sit in the last 3 rows on the right.

The schedule for the rest of the day was sent out by Melanie last week, please refer to that schedule.

EdCamp Maine

Having attended this EdCamp last year, I can attest to the power of teachers teaching teachers. I had the opportunity to meet some very interesting people who do amazing things in their classrooms and in their schools. I urge any of you, if you are looking for something to do on Saturday, March 7, make an effort to get the Wayneflete School on Portland’s West End and take in this very powerful Professional Development opportunity. And, did I mention that it is FREE! To register, go to www.EdCampMe.org

Preparing for Next Year

It is truly that time again, we need to start the process of placement and transitioning our new 6th graders to the Middle School. In the past, we have killed a forest, or two, trying to gather all of the information from the many different parties involved in this process. This year, we will try to save a few of those trees by using the power of the digital world to collect this information.

Rather than make a couple of thousand copies of the Parent Information Sheet, we will post a link to a Google Doc that will allow the parents to submit any and all information to the office via email or the Google Platform. We will also be working on revising our traditional “Pink” and “Blue” sheets fro each of the teachers so that you, too, can submit on the Google Platform.

These two changes are intended to help us organize the information in a much more efficient manner and, hopefully (man, I hate that word!) allow us to get teachers the student lists quicker.

Parent Teacher Conferences

It is that time of year again! We will conference with parents on Thursday afternoon and evening and on Friday from 8:00 until 2:00 pm, March 12 & 13. I am asking each of you to make every effort to conference with each of your students, even if parents don’t to! I am expecting that there may be some questions about the upcoming testing regimen and I would like us all to be prepared to answer the parents questions. I also think it is very important that we reach out to all of our parents, especially now, as the options for how kids get their education have changed with the advent of charter schools and virtual charter schools. Making contact with parents and allowing them to see the human side of education is never a bad thing.

Susie has arranged with the Parent Volunteers to provide a Pot Luck Supper for the teachers and staff who will be conferencing on Thursday evening, please plan on bringing your appetite!

Some parents may have questions about next year, especially 6th & 7th grade parents. I expect to get the Parent Information Sheets linked on the school web page as well as mass email the link and the letter out prior to the evening of conferences. You can point them toward the web page if they want to know about them. Also, it is critical that we do not make recommendations about specific teams for the kids. Truthfully, we never know exactly how the teams will be made up and it could cause some parents to become confused when filling out the informational sheets. It also puts you teachers in a very bad spot when parents come to us in August and say that “Teacher A told that the best team for my child was _____!” PLEASE DON’T MAKE EXACT TEAM RECOMMENDATIONS!

Early Release Day Schedule

We will run a regular, albeit shortened schedule for students on Wednesday, March 11. Students will be dismissed at 11:10.

We have planned a joint Pot Luck Luncheon with the faculty and staff from the High School from 11:30 until 12:30 in our cafeteria. After lunch, we will all adjourn to the Auditorium for a presentation by Dr. Chris Kaufman on Executive Functioning and the Adolescent Brain. He will speak for about 2 hours.

For those who are daring and fun-loving, we have arranged to have a “Challenge” Bubble Soccer game (or should that be “Match”) against the high school staff. If you have seen the video Dave Palmer posted on Facebook, you know what we are in for. If you haven’t seen the post, well, let’s just say you in for a fun time.

Just for the heck of it, here is a clip of Bubble Soccer

Music in Our School Month Concert

As we have done for the past few years, we will welcome High School Music Teacher Matt Murray and Chorus students who will present a short concert for the entire school. Matt and the GHS Chorus will be here on Thursday, March 19th. They will perform two concerts, the first beginning at 12:30 and the second at 1:15. We will not be changing the schedule for this day, we will only have teams come to the auditorium for the short time and then return to class.

I will get a schedule as to which teams will go at what time later this week.


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