This Snow has to Stop Someday, Doesn’t It??


Upcoming Important Dates

Tuesday, February 10 – Honors Jazz Festival York High School
Wednesday, February 11 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 – 4:00 GMS Library Agenda below
Thursday, February 12 – Grade level assemblies on Digital Safety during EICAL periods
Friday, February 13 – Dose of Reality assembly. Schedule below
February 16 – 20 – Winter Break, Enjoy, hopefully we’ll be rid of the snow!
Wednesday, February 25 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 – 4:00 Advisory Cluster meetings
Friday, February 27 – School Dance

Honors Jazz Festival

We have several of our students traveling to York High School on Tuesday to participate in the Southern Maine Honors Jazz Festival. This is quite an honor, to be selected from among the best jazz musicians in our area, and to be able to collaborate with so many other great young musicians. This is really a very special occasion for our students, if you happen to be lucky enough to have one of these fine young musicians in your class or advisory, please wish them luck. As well, we all want to congratulate Kim Mathieu for her great work in getting these kids ready for such and honor.

These students will be leaving school around 1:45, so they will need to be dismissed form their classes a bit early.

Faculty Meeting 

On Wednesday, we will gather in the Library and it will be very important that you bring with your computer and your login information that you received from the state for MEA training. We will be reviewing the latest iteration of the MEA (formerly known as SBAC) and what we all will need to know in order for the administration to go as smoothly as possible.

Dose of Reality Schedule

We will try once more to have our students hear Linda Dutil, an emergency room nurse from Waterville, Maine as she exposes our kids to the realities of substance use and abuse. We want to make sure that every student and all of our staff have the opportunity to benefit from Linda’s presentation. Because Linda can only do two presentations, which is unusual for her to do, we will need to follow the schedule we present. Thanks to Melanie Doran for her work in putting this together.

6th grade:
8:00-8:51– Period 7
8:52-9:43– Period 5
9:44-11:02– Advisory and Linda Dutil at 10:00
11:03-11:55– Period 1
11:55-12:20– Lunch
12:20-1:12– Period 2
1:13-:204- Period 3
Little and Stroudwater:
8:00-8:51– Period 5
8:52-9:43– Period 7
9:44-11:02– Advisory and Linda Dutil at 10:00
11:03-11:28– Lunch
11:29-12:20– Period 1
12:20-1:12– Period 2
1:13-:204- Period 3
8:00-8:51– Period 5
9:00-9:45– Linda Dutil in Auditorium
9:50-10:40– Period 7
10:40-11:02– Advisory
11:03-11:28– Lunch
11:28-12:20– Period 1
12:20-1:12– Period 2
1:13-:204- Period 3
8th Grade:
8:00-8:51– Period 7
9:00-9:45– Linda Dutil in Auditorium
9:50-10:40– Period 6
10:40-11:02– Advisory
11:03-12:20– Period 1
11:29-11:54– Lunch (period 1 will be split)
12:20-1:12– Period 2
1:13-:204- Period 3

Digital Safety Assemblies

I will apologize in advance for this, but we really need to give students a booster shot on how to behave in the digital universe. We have had a couple of incidents of students not following our code of conduct when they are using their digital devices, and not just their laptops. Terri, Susie and I will conduct the “remediation” for the students during the Thursday EICAL periods.

Faculty Meeting on February 28

We will use our Faculty meeting for all of the Advisory Clusters to meet to discuss their advisees’ progress and to plan for the Parent Teacher Conferences later in March. Please plan on meeting briefly in the Library for our usual customs and then work in your groups.

One piece I would like us to focus upon, many of you are using Google Classroom in some form or another. This would be an excellent way for parents to get a glance into your classroom and a glance at what their children are expected to do. I really think we have some great communication tools in the Google platform and in the digital versions of the textbooks we use. Please encourage your advisees and students to share the work in the Google Classrooms with their parents.


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