Upcoming Important Dates

Wednesday, January 21 – Faculty Meeting (food Provided by the Males) 2:30 – 4:00 Library
Wednesday, January 21 – Public Forum for Superintendent Candidate Heather Perry, 6:00 pm GMS Auditorium
Tuesday, January 27 – District Proficiency Based Committee meeting, 3:00 Pm Superintendent’s Office
Wednesday, January 28 – Leadership Team meeting 2:30 pm Melanie’s room
Thursday, January 29 – A Does of Reality Assembly morning assemblies (more infer to follow.
Thursday, January 29 – NAEP Testing, selected 8th grade students, schedule to follow.
Wednesday, February 4 – Early Release Day Agenda to follow

 Faculty Meeting Agenda

Remember, Males, we are in charge of bringing to food and the Females really put on a spread for us!

We’ll begin, as we always do, with some social time, enjoying the fine repast offered by the males of the staff and celebrations and accolades of the past two weeks.

The remainder of the meeting will be dedicated to Jumprope training. Our old (no she’s not old, we have just known her for a while… and she is our friend!) Sara Needleman will be joining us to help us remember what we learned back during the first meetings of the year. So, I hope we can all remember a little bit of what was discussed way back in late August. Just remember, we have lots of time for learning this system and we really need everyone to be engaged with this endeavor.

Public Forum with the Superintendent Candidate

There will be a public forum on Wednesday evening in the Auditorium at GMS introducing our community to the Superintendent Candidate Heather Perry. This will be a great opportunity for all of us to ask the questions of the candidate and to provide our feedback to the School Committee and to make your opinions and concerns known to them as the work to make this very important decision.

There will be a brief question and answer period conducted by Dennis Libby. After his questioning is completed, the audience will be allowed to ask questions of the candidate and hear her responses. At the conclusion of the evening, feedback cards will be distributed to all and everyone will be asked to weigh-in with your impressions of the candidate’s answers.

This is a very important step in this process of selecting a new leader for our schools, please consider attending this very important meeting and participating in the selection process.

District-Wide Proficiency Based Learning Committee

I am sitting at home, so I do not have access to the folks who have been selected to sit on this committee for the whole district, so I apologize for not just sending this out tho those members. Since I am sending this out to our whole faculty, I think it’s important that we all know that this committee exists and that they will be aiding our work from a K-12 perspective. I know that it has been said at many of the meetings we’ve had to date that we need to ensure that a student’s journey through our schools makes sense and it has a reasonable flow. We don’t want some of our students to enjoy rich experiences while others don’t.

When I get to school, I will make sure that I get all of the names of this committee out to our entire faculty.

By the way, the District-Wide Proficiency Based Learning Committee will have their first meeting on Tuesday, January 27 at 3:00 in the Superintendent’s Conference Room.

A Dose of Reality

We had originally scheduled to have Linda Dutil, R.N. come to GMS to speak to our kids on February 5th, unfortunately, she informed me that she had already been booked on that day elsewhere. She is tentatively holding Thursday, January 29th for us.

I know that we already have the 8th graders being administered the NAEP assessment on that day, so I am hoping that we can develop a schedule that will work around that event and still get our kids to hear this very important message.

I will get this firmed up by the end of the day on Tuesday and get the message out to you all then. Sorry for scattered appearance of this.



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