The Final Week of the Year


Upcoming Important Dates

Wednesday, December 17 – Faculty meeting GMS Library, 2:30 – 4:00
Wednesday, December 17 – Annual Christmas Dinner, Cafeteria
Friday, December 19 – Annual Student Faculty Basketball game and Holiday Concerts
Friday, December 19 – Sunday, January 4 – Christmas Break ENJOY!!
Wednesday, January 7 – Faculty Meeting Food provided by the females of the staff.
Wednesday, January 14 – Early Release Day

Annual Christmas Dinner

As we have done for the past several years, our Food Service Staff will be preparing a wonderful holiday repast for our students on Wednesday, December 17. I would like to extend the invitation to our entire faculty and staff to enjoy this dinner as well. You may stay in the cafeteria and eat with the students if you wish or you may bring your plates to you wings and enjoy the feast with tour peers. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and Happy Holidays to all.

Schedule for Friday December 19

We have a very busy day planned for Friday, the last school day of the year!

We will start the day with Band Chorus and Steel Band concerts. The first concert will be for the 7th grade and Sebago team beginning at 8:30 in the gym. Then, at 9:50, we will have the 8th grade and Moosehead and Eagle Teams going to the gym for their concerts. Each concert should last about 70 minutes. When teams are not in the concerts, teams will be free to plan activities for their students.

Lunch will be on the regular schedule, and then we will all return to the gym for the presentation and reading of the Madison Prize winners and the annual Student/Faculty Basketball games. We plan to have all students returning to their advisory  for locker clean out and final good-byes for the holiday break. Dismissal will be at the normal times.

Faculty Meeting Agenda 

I have witnessed Susie Hanley bringing in to school lots of wrapped gift like looking packages in preparation for the Faculty Meeting Yankee Swap and get together. We will have plenty of food and drink (probably water and juice, rats!) and lots of good cheer to share with our GMS family. This should be a great way to finish out 2014 and prepare for 2015. Looking forward to a good time.

As We Approach The Holiday Season

I, for one, am really excited about the upcoming holiday season. The music in the hallways, the dusting of snow and all of the decorations around town really bring back all of the great memories of Christmas’ past. My only regret is that my 18 month old grandson will be in California and not in Maine for Christmas. I will have to settle on a nice long Skype session as he opens his gifts from Santa.

This time of year also allows me to reflect on how incredibly fortunate I have been. All of the wonderful gifts I have enjoyed, family, friends and living in this great country. It also reminds me that many of our students will not have the same kinds of memories. Some of our kids approach these next two weeks away from school with a certain amour trepidation, and some with pure fear. Some view their time at school as the safest, warmest and secure moments in their lives and they are concerned what the next two weeks will bring.

I bring this up for two reasons, one, because I am always amazed at the outpouring of kindness this staff demonstrates each holiday season. This year we have 27 families finding themselves in financial distress. So much so that they were unsure they would be able to celebrate anything on the holidays. However, because of your kindness, warmth and giving nature they will be able to celebrate a holiday dinner and even have some gifts to be able to share with their kids.

Here is a snapshot of the generosity of our school community:


My second reason from mentioning this ties very closely to the first, and that is in how we converse with our students and how we discuss the upcoming holidays. Just keeping in mind that some of our kids will be struggling with family issues, financial issues and security issues, will help us not exacerbate the issues that some of our kids will face.

So, as we each plan to head off to our families, friends and significant others, can we remember the words of Tiny Tim Cratchitt. “God bless us,everyone!



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