The Holidays are Just Around the Corner


Upcoming Important Dates

Monday, November 3 – Student Council Holiday Food Drive Begins
Tuesday, November 4 – Election Day in Maine
Wednesday, November 5 – Team Leaders in Melanie’s room 2:30 – 4:00
Thursday, November 6 – Teacher Workshop day Group Leader Meeting (they know who they are!) 2:30 place TBD
Monday, November 10 – Teacher Workshop Day 8:00 – 2:00
Tuesday, November 11 – Veterans Day, No School
Wednesday, November 12 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 in the Library Food [provided by Special Educators
Friday, November 14 – School Dance sponsored by 7th Grade GMS Gym 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Grades Posted by Wednesday

The 1st Quarter has need and all parents are expecting to see their child’s grade for the quarter by Friday, November 7.PLease make sure that you have your grades updated for the quarter by Wednesday, at the close of school.

Student Council Holiday Food Drive

We are fast approaching the holiday season.  Each year the staff, and the students (Student Council) at GMS with a donation from the Gorham Health Council, provide holiday sharing of food baskets and small gift items for students at GMS and their families in need.  If you are a family interested in assistance or if you are a family who would like to help contribute to this community sharing, please contact Teresa Merrill, RN (222-1224) no later than November 14, 2014.  ALL REQUESTS FOR ASSISTANCE ARE CONFIDENTIAL.

GMS Students will be collecting canned food goods to help our efforts in providing abundant food baskets to distribute during this holiday season. We are asking students who are able to bring them in to their advisory for collection. Please help us support this effort by encouraging your students to help out, if they can.

Election Day

GMS will once again be used as a polling place for Gorham. This will mean that our Gym will be unavailable starting at 2:00 pm on Monday until later in the morning on Wednesday. This also means that there will be lots of people coming to the middle school to vote. For those of you who park in the front of the school, we are asking that you reserve the lower parking lot (the lot closest to the school) for those citizens who will be coming to vote.

I encourage all of you to exercise your eighth to vote! Please make the time during your day to allow your voice to be heard in our state and municipal elections

Monday and Tuesday Next Week

Monday will be a teacher workshop day dedicated to our work on Proficiency Based Education (PBE). We will be meeting in the content areas of math/science and ELA social studies at each grade level. Our plan is to begin to examine and develop summative assessments that can then be uploaded into Jumprope. We will have a well developed protocol for this work.

Tuesday is Veterans Day and for those members of our community who made the personal sacrifice and served our country in the armed forces, we thank you! I encourage all of to remember the sacrifices that these folks, many of our family members and lots of citizens made to keep America free. So, as you enjoy the day away from your regular toils, thank a vet for the opportunity to do just that!

Faculty Meeting

We will gather again in the Library with food provided by the Special Educators of our building. Our plan is to continue the work we began on Monday in developing summative assessments. If we are prepared, we will have the content area groups share with their different grade levels their work of Monday and begin to ensure that we have a coherent journey for our students through the content areas.

Please remember to view the Grant Wiggins video on Formative Assessment and Character Development that is in the Google Classroom for our faculty. If you haven’t joined the classroom yet, the class code is okpf1jb. I asked you to view the video (about 13 minutes) and create a google doc with your impressions and comments on the video.

School Dance

Our next school dance will be on Friday, November 14 in the Gym from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. This dance is sponsored by the 7th grade and our students council will be providing the snacks at the snack shack. As always, we welcome any and all chaperones, so if you’re looking for a “wild and crazy” night of fun, plan to be at our gym.


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