Fall is in the Air!


Upcoming Important Dates

Thursday, September 11 – 6th Grade Laptops Deployed
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, September 10, 11 & 12 – Tooth Fairies
Monday, September 15 – 19 – 8th Grade NWEA Testing
Monday, September 15 – EICAL begins
Monday, September 15 – MLTI Parent Meeting 6:00 pm GMS Auditorium
Tuesday, September 16 – MLTI Parent Meeting 6:00 pm GMS Auditorium
Tuesday, September 16 – Picture Day, Vision & Hearing Screening
Wednesday, September 17 – Faculty meeting, 2:30 pm, GMS Library
Friday, September 19 – School Dance 6:00 – 8:00 pm GMS Gym
Monday, September 22 – Support Services meeting 8:30 Guidance Office
Monday, September 22 – 26 – NWEA Testing for 7th grade
Wednesday, September 24 – Early Release Day, students dismissed at 11:10
Wednesday, September 24 – Professional Development (see more information below)
Tuesday, September 30 – Meet the Candidates Night 6:00 pm GMS Cafeteria

Faculty Meeting

Our faculty meeting on Wednesday, September 17 will be part one of a two part meeting that will conclude on Wednesday, September 24. We will all gather in the Library for the regular celebration of the good deeds and actions of our community. We then will have a very short refresher on the RtI process and how we get kids into the Learning Labs here at GMS. After about 10 minutes, we will then breakout into groups.

The groups will be content area, however, all teachers who teach social studies will meet in Kim Fotter’s room to begin to review and refine our social studies curriculum. This includes all teachers who teach any type of socials studies class, even special education and learning labs. Every[one else will break out into your content areas to review the work completed to date on the Performance Indicators for our Proficiency Based Learning work. Remember, we have all  committed to each other to have a set of Performance Indicators to present to Cathy Stankard boy September 24, close of the day. She will have them input to the Jumprope system so that we can begin to practice with this new system

Early Release Day

The student portion of Wednesday, September 24 will have all of our students and staff engaged in recording our second Lipdub for the entire school. As you are all aware, we hope to enter our “professionally” (Thank you, Adam, Terri etal) produced entry into the Macy’s Lipdub contest. Hopefully we can score big in this contest and earn some nice “cash” and recognition for our school.

I know that many folks are working hard to really put our school spirit on display for this event and I thank you all for really getting to to this in a big way.

The afternoon will be part two of the work all of our social studies teachers are doing to align our curriculum with the Graduation Standards for the Proficiency Based Learning system. all those who teach social studies will continue the work begun on September 17, while everyone else will continue their work of September 17. It is our plan to have a complete, first set of performance indicators to be ready for sending the Cathy Stankard for input into the Jumprope system.

MLTI Laptops and Other Technology Items

By the end of the day today, we will have completed two MLTI Parents Information Nights. Students’ families were given the paperwork that needs to be brought back to the school ASAP. All advisories will be collecting the forms and any funds (cash or checks) and bringing them to the office each morning that you receive the. This is a requirement from our Bookkeeping Department and the school auditors.

I do expect that we will be allowing those students who turn in the forms to go home by the 22nd of September, or sooner if we can get all of the forms collated and filed.

We continue with our Tech folks to get all of the bugs worked out of PaperCut. I do know that now that the students have their devices, the concerns and problems have multiplied. I do appreciate all of the patience you have demonstrated to date, and I hope we can count the same going forward.

GHS School Spirit Food Drive

We have offered to help the High School in their drive to collect more food than all other school participating in the WGME News 13 School Spirit Challenge. For the next several weeks, Channel 13 will be broadcasting live from Gorham High School all morning on Friday, September 19th. All of the HS students will be collecting food and we are just trying to add to their total. Please remind your students to bring in “heavy” cans for the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

More on Proficiency Based Education

I came across this video from Rick Wormeli, he has several on Youtube that speak to all of these issues. He is a very engaging speaker who is still in the classroom and he is doing everything that he talks about. He teaches in Virginia, and he has taught at all levels of middle school and at the college level. enjoy!


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