Vacation Week is Upon Us!


Important Upcoming Dates

April 15 – Gorham All Chorus Concert GHS Auditorium, 6:00 pm
April 17 – School wide Pizza Fundraiser sales due in the office
April 21-25 – Spring Break
April 29 – Team Leaders Meeting 2:30 pm in Melanie’s Room
April 30 – Faculty Meeting, 2:30 in the Library Food Provided by Alt Ed
May 9 – GMS Night at the Portland Sea Dogs 6:00 pm

Laptop Devices over Spring Break 

As we do each vacation, we will again use this time to update the devices with the latest versions of our operating systems as well as add some more security features that did not fully load during the last vacation. We will also complete an inventory as well as a quick audit of the devices to determine that we have them all as well as determine if any have damage that will require attention.

I know that this causes some concern for our students over the break, but this is really the only time we get to do some large scale updating and inventory. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Proficiency Based Education (Continued)

We have all engaged in a great deal of work to get ourselves and our classrooms ready for the challenges that we know will come as we shift to Proficiency Based Education. Sometimes,this work has been extremely frustrating and, sometimes, the work has been enlightening. But, it has always been difficult.

Some of us are being challenged at the core of what we believe. Some of us are confirming what we always believed and many of us are struggling to do what we have always tried to do every day in our careers, the right thing by our students. Regardless of what “camp” you fall into, or any “camp” in between these, we have lots of work still to do and lots of challenges to face.

Proficiency Based Education is not just a new fad (as evidenced by our journey for the past 10 years towards SBR!). It is also not a result of our “poor” performance on high stakes, standardized test, both nationally and internationally. Proficiency Based Education is a real response to the needs of students who will enter the workplace in the years ahead. A need that goes beyond the traditional seeking of answers to questions to seeking the “next” question.

As we all read in the article by Tony Wagoner, in order for our kids to be successful in the world they will enter, they will need skills far more than the answers to questions. They will need to be able to creatively think for themselves, work effectively with others, learn from their failures and gain a level of persistence towards success. Their world will be far smaller than the world we inherited. For better or worse, technology will provide great opportunities as well as great challenges. Our students will need the skills necessary to successfully and effectively navigate through those challenges.

Unlike years past, just attending school will no longer suffice as a successful education for tomorrow’s workers. Being able to demonstrate their talents and successfully documenting those talents will be required.

We have lots to do in the years ahead. Hopefully, we can all continue to learn what we must to help our students towards gainful lives. I know that is what we all come to work everyday trying to accomplish.

The state of Maine Department of Education has some excellent resources on their website that you may find helpful in our quest to get to Proficiency Based Education. Here is a link to their main page: Dept of Ed Feel free to explore all of the different resources.

Pizza Fund Raiser Sales Due

Our annual pizza drive sales are due in the office by Thursday, April 17. We are doing this fund raiser for the benefit of the end of the year celebration for each grade, when they are 8th graders. As you know, we have a very large end-of-year celebration for our 8th graders as a send off on the last day of school. We have a cookout for lunch, the “Parent” portion of the evening in the Gym at 6:00 pm and then we have a send off dance in the cafeteria immediately after the gym event. This all costs money and we try to allow the grades to build a fund over their years at GMS to make the end of the 8th grade less hectic for the parents.

The funds from the fund raiser will be designated for each class in the coming years to use for this event. All fund raising helps our school and this one helps each grade make it a bit easier.

GMS YearBooks

There is still time, although not much, to order your yearbook for this year. This year, we have tried to make it more affordable for more families to purchase a yearbook by offering a couple of purchase options. We have always sold the yearbook in hardcover only. This year, families will have the chance to purchase it in soft cover for a reduced rate. However, if you really want to splurge, families can personalize their child’s edition with the child’s name stamped on the book along with the student’s picture.

I wouldn’t wait to purchase these books as once the sales window closes, we cannot order anymore. For more information, please call Kristen in the Main Office.


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