There is More to Come


Important Upcoming Dates

February 11- Leadership Team Meeting in Melanie’s Room 2:30-4:00
February 11 – Cabinet Meeting at GMS 9:00 – 11:00 (More Info Below)
February 12 – Faculty Meeting Library 2:30 – 4:00
February 17-21 – Mid Winter Break
February 28 – School Dance GMS Gymnasium 6:00 – 8:00 pm sponsored by Film Festival, I-Team, OM and Chorus

GMS Hosting Building Administrators

On Tuesday, Feb 11, GMS will host the weekly cabinet meeting, meeting of the Principals and other Program Directors beginning at 9:00 am. We will conduct a tour of the building for the Principals, so you may expect a visit during the morning of a large group of people who may look like they don’t belong, but fear not, it is just a group of wayward Principals! We’ll try not to be too obtrusive.

Laptops Stay at School during Vacation

We will be performing some routine maintenance and completing an inventory and damage review on all of the laptops during vacation. Given the recent weather reports concerning Thursday and Friday, I think it would be wise for us to say the devices will need to remain at school beginning on Wednesday. Please make sure that the students leave their devices in their charging stations at the wend of the day on Wednesday.


We have NECAP results from October and I will be sharing them with you in the next few weeks. For some reason, the state seemed to release the results in a kind of piecemeal fashion. We received some reports for the whole school and we had some ability to see how individual kids answered some of the released items, but we didn’t have the ability to make comparisons versus past years. Today, we were given that ability.

I will be getting the results broken down into teams and then sent out to all of you in the next few weeks.


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