How Quickly Time Flies!


Important Upcoming Events

February 5 – Early Release Day
February 5 – Talent Show for School (Check Melanie’s Email for schedule)
February 5 – Afternoon Workshop 12:15 – 2:30 (Agenda to follow)
February 6 – Evening Performance of Talent Shoe 7:00 pm
February 11- Leadership Team Meeting in Melanie’s Room 2:30-4:00
February 11 – Cabinet Meeting at GMS 9:00 – 11:00 (More Info below)
February 12 – Faculty Meeting Library 2:30 – 4:00
February 17-21 – Mid Winter Break

Professional Development Opportunity

EdCampMaine is a professional development opportunity that is designed and guided by the participants of the EdCamp. It will be held on Saturday, March 8 at Waynflete School in Portland from 8:30 until 3:30. I am “lifting” a piece from their web site to help explain the opportunity:

If you have never been to an EdCamp before, it will surely be a new experience. There are no “experts” hired to give a keynote, no vendors to sell you products. There are teachers who facilitate sessions and discussions on what matters to them – teaching and learning! If you are planning to come, think about what you might have to share with other teachers in your discipline or grade level. Here are some ideas of what you can offer:

  • Discussions on issues in education
  • Share a model lesson or unit
  • Conduct an inquiry session into a new tool
  • Share something you’re passionate about
  • Discuss new things you’d like to learn more about
  • Share activities you’re looking to improve
  • Anything else you can think of that will get other interested teachers to come and share with you!

And, of course, this is all available for my favorite word “FREE”! If you are interested, you can register at their website.

Culture & Climate Survey

Susie and I have received the results of the survey all of our staff participated in last December. As we did with the last survey, we will follow the protocol that has been set up, Administrators meet with Ted and Katie for a first review, Leadership Team reviews results and the we share with the entire faculty. We will be looking for some themes in the results that have changed from our last survey as well as trying to chart a course, going forward, that will be beneficial for our school.

We expect to complete the Leadership Review before the February vacation and we will then bring it to the entire faculty for review and the development of our plan for the future.

Proficiency Based Learning 

Over the past few weeks, and running far into the future, we have been, and will be examining how the new legislation requiring that students in the class of 2017 (our 8th Graders) to be deemed “Proficient” in order to receive a diploma.

We have done a tremendous amount of work in this area and we have made significant strides in moving our practices towards a proficiency based model, but, as with most things, there are always “wrinkles” that we need to overcome before we are truly ready for implementation. We will be continuing to work on this for several years to come!

I did find an interesting resource from the folks at the Great School Partnership that I will share here, that is included in the glossary of educational terms that they use when working with schools. It helped me gain a better insight into what will be expected during our transition to Proficiency Based Education journey. I expect that I will be re-visiting this site several times as I try to remain focused on exactly what our task is. I don’t know about you folks, but seemed to get led astray when I begin to think of all of the intricate facets of this work. I hope that this piece will help me stay focused.

Early Release Day Work

As mentioned above, we will be continuing the work begun last month around Proficiency Based Teaching and Learning. Last week, we reviewed the Guiding Principles of the Maine Learning results, as they have been modified, in an effort to gain a more full understanding of how they will interact with our curriculum expectations. On Wednesday, February 5, we will continue to look at the Content Standards and Performance Indicators of each Content Area to review how this will look in our school.

We have placed people in groups, by Content Area for this work:


  • Colleen Tims
  • Mary Ridge
  • Patti Joyce
  • Jason Lambert
  • Sarah Rubin
  • Jane Littlefield
  • Lona Tassey
  • Amanda Cooper
  • Judy Morrell
  • Deb Noble


  • Paula Ross
  • Chris Lesiege
  • Sheila Charle-McAtee
  • Adam Parvanta
  • Sue Moses
  • Dave Chides
  • Melanie Doran
  • Aaron Ouellet
  • Brian King
  • Donna Pastore
  • Linda Townsend


  • Michelle Cyr
  • Gregg Morton
  • Angela Gospodarek
  • Anton Gulovsen
  • Dave Palmer

Social Studies

  • Kim Fotter
  • Chris Mitchell
  • Rick Rand
  • Sherry Coyne
  • Kelly Littlefield
  • Megan Holden
  • Jackie Toy

Modern & Classical Language

  • Kelly Winslow
  • Tana Krohn

Health and Physical Education

  • Denis Albert
  • Martha LaViolet
  • Dave Kilborn

Visual and Performing Art

  • Vicki Bove
  • Tracy Williamson
  • Amy Cousins
  • Kim Mathieu

We will also send out to you a short protocol for each group to follow during the review of these documents.


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