We are Getting Numbers Today!


Upcoming Important Dates

January 28 – Leadership Team Meeting in Melanie’s room 2:30 pm
January 29 – Faculty Meeting GMS Library 2:30 pm
January 31 – Semester grades updated on Infinite Campus Parent Portal
February 5 – Early Release Day
February 5 – Talent Show for School (schedule to follow)
February 6 – Evening Performance of Talent Shoe 7:00 pm

Leadership Team Meeting

Team Leaders will meet at 2:30 in Melanie’s room. We have quite a bit of work to do to prepare for our Faculty Meeting,  Early Release Day and we will have received the results of the NECAP assessments given in October.

Our most pressing work will be preparing the work expectations for the grade level meetings planned for the faculty meetings. We have learned that we will be suing the sample content standards and performance indicators that we presented to you at our last faculty meeting. We will need to make determinations where the performance indicators will reside and who will be responsible for what. In other words, we have a lot of hard work ahead of us!

Faculty Meeting Agenda

As we discussed at our last meeting, we will be breaking out into grade level groups to review the Proficiency Based tasks that we have begun. We will start in the Library to review our work and then head out into designated classrooms.

We, as a district, have decided not to vary from the samples that are on the Maine Department of Education Web site. Even though we are going with the state’s samples, we have quite a bit of work to complete before we will be ready for full implementation. We also need to examine the Guiding Principles, which are an integral part of the requirements.

We will put together a protocol to follow and what the expectations for the day’s meetings will be.

NECAP Results

NECAPAs mentioned above, we will be receiving the results of the NECAPs first thing Monday morning. The results have been embargoed by the state until we can confirm that they have included all of our students in the proper groups and sub groups.

I would expect that I will be able to give some preliminary news about the results, but I will not be able to release any real information for about 10 days.

MLTI Math Professional Development

The good people at MLTI are offering several interesting match professional development opportunities over the next few months. The best part of these opportunities is that they are free, mymlti-logo favorite word! They also provide our teachers with some great learning events that can be immediately brought back to the classroom and put into action. you can find more information on these events at www.maine.gov/mlti/events and you can register at https://www.surveymonkey.com/mltimath14.

Peaceful Playgrounds

cover-187x300Over the past few years we have examined, in great detail, the role of the brain and adolescent development in providing positive, fruitful learning activities for our students. One of the major contributors to the engagement of our students in the learning activities of our classrooms is the chance to “take a break” from the activity and activate other parts of the brain. When we allow students the opportunity to download” their learning through an activity and then return to the topic at hand, we know that the pathways are strengthened and the learning becomes more sustainable.

The people at Peaceful Playgrounds offer a multitude of activities called called Brain Breaks That can be downloaded for free (there’s that word again!) at Brain Breaks.

Geography Bee

GEOCongratulations to Jeff Carpenter for organizing and hosting another great Geography Bee. I didn’t actually count the number of students who were on stage at the beginning of the evening, but there had to be close to 50 of our best and brightest. The competition to select our representative to the state National Geographic Society Geography Bee was fierce and was extremely well organized for the benefit of our students.

The winner for the evening’s event is Alex Ousbeck with Camden Sawyer as the runner-up. However, every student who appeared on stage were winners!

I always find it interesting, kind of like the Jeopardy Syndrome, that when you are not standing in the glare of the spotlight, you can answer every question correctly. When that light turns on and the pressure of being correct is applied, we tend to lose our coherent thought process!

GMS Top 10 

T4C-230Thanks to Adam Parvanta for compiling the GMS to Ten requested songs for our most recent dance. Having only glimpsed at the Grammy Awards show last night I still recognized all of the names on the names on the list, but probably not all of the songs! Alas, Led Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven was only the 5th most requested song. What has this younger generation come to!!

Here is the list, thanks to Adam:

The top 5 dance song requests:

  • #5 Lil Jon – Turn Down for What
  • #4 Macklemore – White Walls
  • #3 Jason Derulo – Talk to Me
  • #2 Zedd – Stay the Night
  • #1 Katy Perry – Dark Horse

The top 5 slow dance songs:

  • #5 Led Zepplin – Stairway to Heaven
  • #4 Passenger – Let Her Go
  • #3 Christina Perri – 1000 Years
  • #2 Aerosmith – Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
  • #1 Great Big World – Say Something

Printer Toner Recycling Reminder and other Printer Items

With all of the printers we have in the building, it is expected that we will create a fair amount of waisted toner cartridges. Please do not through the cartridges in the trash, they are recyclable and can be sent out. Please leave the spent cartridges next to the printer so they can be picked up, or, better yet, bring them to the office where we can collect them for the recyclers.

While we are on the topic of printers, there has been some problems with getting print jobs completed at some of the printers. This can cause the printer to “crash” and be taken out of service.

Our printers have a limited amount of space to queue up printing jobs, the space available is quite considerable actually, but the size of the print job will dictate how many individual jobs will be allowed to queue up. If the number of jobs gets too large, it will create an unbreakable log jam which will cause the printer to go off line.

The solution would be to limit the number of jobs being sent to the printer at one time as well as have the students save their documents at PDF, including all of the pictures and print each document as a PDF.

My explanation may not be sufficient, but if you want to get a better explanation, with far greater detail, please ask Terri Dawson or Mike Nash how to best get your print job completed.

Friendly Reminder from Our School Nurse

This is a friendly reminder that we have many students with life- threatening allergies in our building and WE ALL need to be mindful of this as we are consuming or preparing food in the School Nursebuilding. Please be sure food is not left open in a classroom where anyone may come in contact with it and if the typical allergen foods are consumed (especially nuts, dairy, eggs, peanuts, peanut butter…) that you wash the area where you eat and wash your hands afterwards. This keeps a safer environment for everyone. Your cooperation is appreciated.

More on My Fascination with Twitter 

I am more than aware that I tend to exhibit a more than normal interest in how Twitter has changed the way I do my job. I also know that I have probable;y bored more than a few of you with my stories about how I find different, interesting items to share with you, most notably videos. However, this video below was not one that I found via Twitter, but it is one that I will share on Twitter with my followers.

What this video demonstrated to me is that I am not really crazy, only just a little.

I have thought a lot about the changes in our society through the years, and I am old enough to remember a piece of furniture in my childhood living room that was called a wireless. It was a am-fm radio, shortwave and phonograph player. My Grandmother used to tell of sitting around it with the whole family gathered by and listening to news reports and radio shows from “far away”.

In this video, Andrew FitzGerald explains how authors are using the micro blogging platform to spread their art.

School-wide Fundraising Opportunity

clynk logoCLYNK, the bottle and can recycling giant, is offering an exciting school fund raising program with $7,000 in cash prizes.They tell us that the contest is easy to join and we could raise lots of money (next to free, I love the phrase, “lots of money”.) I would love for us to join in on this contest and would be willing to have the office spearhead the effort, but we will need to have a commitment from the staff as well.

If you are interested in helping us make a run at the $7000, please let me know.


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