Welcome Back… I Think!!??!!


Important Upcoming Dates

January 2 – Students and Teachers return
January 7 – Leadership Team Meeting 2:30 Melanie’s room
January 8 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 GMS Library (Food Provided by Alt Ed)
January 9 – Lockdown Practice drill for whole school
January 15 – Early Release Day for students, dismissal at 11:10 am
January 15 – Talent Show viewing for students.
January 17 – School Dance sponsored by the 7th Grade
January 20 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Da – No  school for students or teachers

Duty Schedules

With the elongated Christmas Break I am sure that some of you may not remember that you have a duty when you return. PLease refer to the calendar that was distributed at the beginning of the school year. If, for some odd reason, aliens have stolen your calendar and you aren’t sure if you have a duty, send me an email or call Kristen in the office and we’ll let you know.

Faculty Meeting Agenda

  • Accolades and news
  • Creating more successful students: 
    • How do we make our faculty meetings more manful and productive?
    • What do we want our students to look like when they leave us?
    • What important knowledge must they acquire?
    • What skills do they need to be able to move on successfully?
    • What are the attributes and dispositions our students will need for their success in the future?
  • What does this all means for us and do we make what we decide happen?
  • Other

Student Faculty Talent Show

As we have in past years, we will offer an opportunity for all classes to attend the Talent Show during the school day on Wednesday, January 15. We will develop a schedule to provides for some team time within the school day as well as sufficient time for the show. The schedule will be published later this week.

The evening presentation of the talent Show will be Thursday, January 16 in the GMS Auditorium beginning at 6:30 pm. All are invited to attend the evening show.

NECAP Results

It won’t be long now, I am sure, until we receive the results of the October administration of the NECAPs. I know how much work each of you put into preparing our students for this challenge. The results will be the results! We have to trust that our work was good enough and targeted properly to demonstrate our proficiency as a school.

As soon as these results are released, I will get the preliminary results out to you. We will then have time to break the results down even more and get more refined in determining next steps.

Ticket to Ride Program

No this is not from the Beatles! This is a program that I have written about in the past that helps to defray the cost of transportation to visit museums here in Maine. The Maine Arts Commission has developed the funding for this program that provides funding to defray the cost of travel for Maine schools wishing to visit Maine arts based venues and events as part of a well rounded curriculum. Any K-12 school in Maine is eligible to receive support of up to $300 each school year.

Here is the web site with more information: Maine Arts Commission

More on Proficiency Based Work

We had a couple of our teachers attend a Rick Wormeli presentation last December. I came across this video by Rick on the power of Zero and what it does to students. As we continue our work on developing our Proficiency Based Education that I though I’d share. Would love to hear comments from the staff. We could even begin a Twitter chat using the hashtag #gorhamms as our category.

Look forward to seeing some tweets from the staff on this video.


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