Last School Week of the Year!


Upcoming Important Dates

December 17 – Leadership Team Meeting in Melanie’s room 2:30 pm
December 18 – Annual Holiday Lunch served in the Cafeteria during lunch. All are invited to join.
December 18 – Faculty Meeting, off-campus, food provided by Office
December 20 – Student Faculty Basketball Game 12:30 in the Gymnasium
December 20 – Presentation of awards for the Madison Essay Contest, Gymnasium 12:30
December 20 – Christmas Break begins at the end of the day
January 2 – Students return from Christmas Break
January 7 – Leadership Team Meeting 2:30 in Melanie’s room
January 8 – Faculty Meeting 2:30 in the Library
January 12 – Lock Down Drill during the school day
January 15 – Early Release Day for students, PM Teacher Workshop (details forthcoming)

Student/Faculty Basketball Game

The annual Student/Faculty basketball game will be held on Friday, December 20. We will begin the festivities of the afternoon with the presentation of the winners of the James Madison Writing Contest that was held earlier this year from students of Gorham Middle School. The awards presentation will begin our festivities with speeches and the presentation of the awards and the checks!

We will also be honoring all of our students who participate in clubs and activities at GMS. We have a pretty good idea of the teams, clubs and activities, but if you would send your club and activity information to Susie, we will make sure that you all get recognized.

Annual Holiday Lunch

As we have done for the past several years, the Gorham School Department Food Service will be preparing a sumptuous holiday repast for our students to enjoy before the holidays. I would like to extend an invitation to our entire faculty and staff to join their students in the feast. Please come and join all of us in celebrating the holidays with an old fashion turkey, ham and all the fixin’s (including, I am told, home-made fresh apple crisp!).

Laptop Information

As we previously announced, the MLTI laptop devices will remain at school during the Christmas Holiday Break. We have several changes that we will be making within the operation and management of the devices that will help us maintain the student access to various locations. We will also be working on items such as IP Address assignments, increase to availability of band width to different groups of users and working to be able to pinpoint the exact users that seem to be creating band width issues for the entire network.

We also plan to develop a script that will return the laptop status of being able to disable the devices between certain hours, check key-strokes of students and review student histories more easily.

I know that this is not popular with the students, and I must say, even though our students have done very well with the freedom they have been given, we also know that we may be setting some kids up for failure by allowing this freedom.

Thank you for your patience as we work through all of these issues.

Ticket to Ride

For those of you old enough to remember, you’re correct, this is the name of a Beatle’s Tune in the 60’s, but it is also the name of program to help offset the cost of travel to attend ant one of Maine’s many arts based venues. The foundation, begun by a grant from the Jane B. Cooke Charitable Trust and matched by the Maine Arts Alliance, provides unto $300 per school to help defray the cost of travel to these venues.

If you are interested in learning more about this program for your classes travel to a Maine Based Art venue, please let me know.

Happy Holidays

As we head into the Winter Holiday break, I to thank you all for the work you do with our kids and your dedication to making Gorham Middle School the best Middle School in our state. I know that I am bragging about that and that some may wish to rebut that statement. What I tell folks who know me (and also those who don’t!) that we have the greatest kids, the faculty and staff and the greatest community!

Enjoy this well deserved break. If you are traveling, I wish for safe journeys. If your loved ones are coming to you, I wish for their safe journeys, and for the entire time of the break, I wish for you all to have the peace of the season and the joy that comes with having family close.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


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