Just Trying to Get Caught Up


Important Upcoming Dates

October 23 – Early Release Day Students dismissed at 11:10 am
October 23 – Teacher Workshop Afternoon 12:15 – 2:30 pm
October 24 – Parent Teacher Conferences 3:00 – 8:00 pm
October 25 – Parent Teacher Conferences – No Students
October 29 – Leadership Team Meeting in Melanie’s room 2:30 pm
October 30 – Faculty Meeting in the Library at 2:30 pm
November 1 – 1st Quarter Ends
November 7 – Picture Retake day

GEF Trivia Bee

We are looking for folks who would be willing to represent GMS in the annual Gorham Education Foundation Fundraiser on November 16 from 6:00 til whenever. In years past the fundraiser has been an Adult Spelling Bee, but this year year they have changed the format to an Adult Trivia Bee. We need at least one team of 3 to 5 players, but we can have more than one team.

This has been a fun night in the past (the cash bar has really helped!) and some teams wear “uniforms” because there is a prize for the best “uniform”. If you are interested in joining us in this fun night, please send me an email.

Early Release Day October 23

We will be running a shortened schedule on Wednesday with dismissal at 11:10.

We will, eventually, be getting back to our Themed Based Early Release Days for topics such as Diversity, Public Safety and Local Charities, but felt we would allow more classroom time  y cutting back on the number of these days.

Here is a snapshot of our schedule:

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 1.05.33 PM

After lunch on your own, we will begin our Professional Development activities at 12:15 pm in the Library with our work on the Common Core ELA Standards. Our local ELA Team has developed a short presentation for us to review.

After the ELA Work, each Advisory Cluster will have time to meet to discuss students in preparation for the Parent Teacher COnferences on Thursday and Friday.

If You Missed the First Round of Flu Shots

This is from Teresa Merrill for those of us who tend to procrastinate!

One more chance to get your flu shot at work:

When: October 24, 2013, 4-6PM

Where: nurse’s office
Please email me if you are coming

Our Code of Conduct actually Does Make a Difference

One of our staff related s story to me about an event that happened at GMS that is real proof that all of the work we do in promoting our Code of Conduct with our students pays dividends.

It seems that a student approved this faculty member with $6.00 that he found in the bathroom. Evidently, he or she was with a group of students when it was found and they were having a conversation about how to split the found money into equal shares. Our one intrepid student, intent on “living our code” claimed the money was theirs as they knew it would be wrong to keep it. The student then brought the money to the faculty member.

A short time later another student came into the classroom stating that he needed to be more careful. When asked why, he stated that he had lost a sum of money. The teacher asked how much and in what denominations. The student quickly identified the amount and the bills.

The money was returned to its proper owner because one of our students did the right thing. Kinda warms the heart!

MLTI Professional Development Opportunities

MLTI Integration Mentors have created the regional Fall PD schedule (descriptions & dates below).  Please note that all events listed are cross-platform and intended for all educators with a MLTI Device. Each day will run from 9:00am – 3:00pm. There is no charge for these events! That’s the part I really like!

Here are some summaries of the offerings:

Digital Tools to help make the Flip 

Flipping your classroom, where digital content is used to create a blended learning environment, entails much planning and forethought to achieve significant learning gains.  This workshop will introduce educators to various approaches to flipped teaching, and the tools on the MLTI devices that can be used to create content, manage distribution and collaboration, and monitor student progress. The day will involve hands-on work with the MLTI device, as well as discussion on the what, why and how of flipping the classroom.

Grabbing Attention, Making Connections: Content Creation with MLTI Devices 

Snagging a student’s attention is a mounting struggle in classrooms, even more so when the materials available were published in the black and white era. A solution? Creating vivid, captivating and engaging content right on your MLTI device!  This workshop will provide you with skills and techniques to put together powerful visual, video and audio material that will enhance instruction, create connections and understanding and, quite frankly, make you look like a superstar teacher. Hitting the Common Core Standards, NGSS and MLR along the way, this will be a hands on, active session for every educator in the MLTI, sending you back to the classroom ready to wow your students’ senses.

Using Zooniverse To Support Standards-based Learning 

Augmentation from evidence – Asking questions – Using data – Analyzing investigations. Do these practices sound familiar?  Using citizen-science based investigations, students can make authentic contributions to the world of knowledge, and work at a pace that suits them in a performance-based environment. In addition, they can work with NGSS and even cross-discipline standards. Zooniverse has many projects that are non-platform specific and web based. We will spend time looking at how we can use Zooniverse projects to align with the practices and performance expectations of NGSS.

Digital Maps for Every Classroom 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and digital maps have uses far beyond traditional ‘map based’ lessons. Wherever students use data, look for patterns, have questions about connections and think about design, there is an investigation to be made using GIS.  This workshop will introduce educators to the use of GIS in every curriculum area. Using ArcGIS Online, a web based mapping tool, participants will create maps that will enhance their instruction and student understanding of a topic, and begin to build curriculum pieces aligned with standards that utilize digital mapping and mapping techniques. This workshop is open and accessible to all educators in the MLTI, using all devices.

To see dates organized by session, please visit http://maine.gov/mlti/events

I Never Gave This Enough Thought

Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember the stories of my parents gathering around the radio to listen to the latest installment of Lamont Cranston (How many of you even know who that is?!?). This video is the 21st Century version of the explanation given to my grandparents about changing time.


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