The Chill of Fall has Arrived

Important Upcoming Dates

  • September 26 – Maine Harvest Lunch in our cafeteria during all lunch times.
  • September 26 – Leadership Team Meeting in Melanie’s Room 2:30 – 4:00.
  • September 28 – We will hold Grade Level Assemblies during EICAL periods to introduce our incentive plan for the students during the NECAP season.
  • October 1 – NECAP testing will begin. All have received a schedule of the assessments.
  • October 3 – Faculty Meeting in the Library from 2:30 – 4:00.
  • October 5 – Progress Reports for the first quarter go home with students.
  • October 5 – Early Release Day for students, our theme will be Local Charities with many presenters form our local charity providers,
  • October 5 – Teacher Workshop activities will be Curriculum Based work. Please check with each of your Curriculum Committee Representatives for the work to be done.
  • October 8 – Columbus Day – No School for students and teachers.
  • October 10 – Team Leaders meeting in Melanie’s room 2:30
  • October 11 – The Middle School begins a Conversation about Bullying Behaviors at 6:30 pm in the GMS Auditorium. There will be more information to come about this series of conversations.

Name That DJ Contest

Don’t forget the Name That DJ Contest for your students. Please remind them to go to the link that Terri Dawson sent to get their name included in the vote for the naming of our very own platter pleasin’ spinner of the tunes (ouch, that hurt to write!) and all-around DJMrP.

Charities Day Student Sign-up

On Monday, October 1st, we will ask all advisers to have their students sign up for individual presentations by our different local charities. In the same way we did last year, each grade level with have a presentation in the Auditorium to help them understand why we are doing this and how it will relate to our Community Service Day in December,

Please allow for some time during Advisory on Monday morning to show the students how to use the link.

Each student will sign up for 2 presentations as assigned times. We will be assigning certain teachers to rooms to check attendance prior to the start of each session. We will also assign teachers to the Auditorium to help get the kids in and out in a very timely fashions and, finally, we will have teachers at key locations in the building to make sure that students are attending their assigned sessions.

The USM Pioneer 2012/2013 Project

We are currently working with the University of Southern Maine and their Science Department to be part of their Pioneer Sophomore Project. The goal of the project are to expose these Pioneers to the teaching world and also to expose middle school and high teachers to STEM and provide assistance to teachers in this area.

There is a proposed schedule for 7 weeks each semester (working around the USM Student’s schedule). The students who are in this program at the University are among the “best and the brightest” and they are deeply engaged and passionate about science and engineering. The University would also make available, through these students, some of the resources they have available to be used in your classrooms and labs.

As we work with the University to hammer out the details, I will forward them along to you. If the little I have told you here piques your interest, even a little, please send me an email or stop into my office.

USM Open House for Prospective Graduate Students

I posted this last week, but since this event is happening this week, I wanted to make sure that anyone who is interested is reminded.

The University is extending an invitation to anyone interested in pursuing graduate studies to an open house at the Abromson Center on the Portland Campus of the University on Monday, September 24th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

There will be faculty advisors and admission counselors on hand to talk to you about all of the different graduate studies programs available. If you would like more information about the open house check out

Did You Know?

Did you know that you don’t have to save this memo each week, that is is available, forever, in the archives section? To get recent past memos, you only need to look in the Recent Posts Section: If you really want to go back and read these “Gems” you can do that as well by going to the Archives Section and choose a month you’d like to check out, and all of the posts from that month will be available.

A Reminder about Field Trips

If you have, or are thinking of planning a field trip this year, please remember that the forms are available on line and must be submitted that way in order to have them considered. Make sure that you give yourself adequate time so that every one can “sign off” on the trip.

Speaking of everyone signing off, when you send the email with the completed trip form attached, please make sure that the email is sent to: Rhonda Warren, Superintendent’s Assistant; Bob and Susie, Kristen; Teresa Merrill; Lynn Erickson, Food Service; Judy Richardson, Transportation. This will insure that everyone will have it in their calendar.

One additional tip for everyone, a couple days before the trip you may want to speak directly with Lynn in the Cafeteria and Judy at Transportation to confirm their knowledge of your trip.

MLTI Professional Development Opportunities

We will be playing host to several MLTI workshops here at GMS, which means it will be a whole lot easier for you to participate. There are some workshops that have not yet found a location, but the workshops that are being held here are:

Math October 10
Special Education October 16
Social Studies October 31
World Languages November 5
Science November 13

If you’re interested in registering for these, or would like more information, go the the MLTI Website.

Education Nation on NBC

I don’t know if you have caught any of the discussions that are going on on the many different channels that operate under the NBC Banner, but this whole week, there will be several specials that will examine American Public Schools and what is wrong with them.

Personally, I am convinced that we do a great job with our kids and that if folks around the country would like to find some solutions to their problems, I would welcome thme coming to our school to see how we educate the whole child.

If you would like to join the conversation you can check out the website for lots of information and ways to join the conversation and add your “two-cents”.

Ted Ed Videos

At the end of last year, we presented a video announcing the start up of the TED Ed Channel. TED Ed was calling for teachers to offer up lessons that would be put into a video format, edited with the help of the professionals at TED, and posted to a Youtube Channel for use by all teachers everywhere. I am happy to report that there are hundreds of videos, on all subjects, that you can use in your classroom to make the normally mundane work of introducing new learning very interesting.

Check the library of lessons at TED Ed.


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