Mid Summer’s Night Dream

Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy!

We hope that all of you are getting some rest and relaxation during this terrific weather. Based on some of the entries I am seeing on Facebook, several folks are really getting the most of this break.

Learning Teams

We know that you have been waiting, with baited breath, for your assignments for the upcoming work of our Learning Teams. I can tell you that I need to have a course on how to better use the web tool Survey Monkey a whole lot better!

In any event, I think I have been able to deconstruct the information from the Survey we took at the end of the school year and I will get the assignments out in the next couple of weeks. There are some of you who entered your name but did not make any selections as well as some who made multiple attempts at entering your preferences. There are also a few of you who did not complete the survey. I think that we can put the teams together with the representation we have.

Once we assign folks to teams I will ask that you work with that team, please do not “negotiate” to move teams.

We will not begin this work until September, so please don’t get anxious about having stuff to do this summer!

School Summer Maintenance

I know many of you just can’t wait to get back into your classrooms, given this weather, I can’t blame you…NOT! But just to keep you in the loop, the maintenance folks are really getting into the work and most of the classrooms have been emptied of their contents for room cleaning. I know that a memo sent by maintenance earlier this spring mentioned August 13th as the date for you to return, I will keep an eye on each wing and let you know if they become ready sooner. In the meantime, just try to suffer through this summer weather.

Student Handbook

We are very busy reviewing our student handbook revising it to meet some of the new laws passed by recent legislation. We will again post the handbook on the Middle School web site for students, parents and teachers to review. As we do each year at the beginning of the year, Advisers should plan to review the student handbook early in the school year. When the update is complete, we will send out a notice and you can review it on the web site.

School Supplies

We have processed all of the requests for supplies from teachers and expect that those supplies will be delivered, as usual, by the time school starts.

Please remember that our budget has been cut each of the last four years and we just don’t have the kind of funds we have had in the past. No one knows more than I this is a burden for each of us, but please don’t horde or order stuff that is not essential for this year.

OK, enough of the “Mr. Happy Thoughts”!


I know that we have all heard this in the past, but our parents are tired of the constant fundraising activities that this district does during the course of any year. I think this is one of the most prominent comments that I hear from parents every year.

We know how important the funds are from each of these activities are for things like field trips, speakers and team activities. We also know that any parent who has children in a couple of our schools are getting “hit” quite frequently to raise funds.

We now have a district-wide form that must be used before any fundraising activities can begin, as well as a calendar of all fundraising activities throughout the district. We will make the forms available to each team at the beginning of the school year.

With all of this in mind, we are again offering the GMS School dances to, in this order, grade levels, teams, and activities. We are trying to be mindful that some teams or activities did not get a dance last year when they asked, so we will try to give those activities first options for a dance.

Additionally, we have set up a school account with the bottle redemption company, CLINK. We plan to offer this fundraising opportunity for a month at a time to teams and activities. The plan is still in the works, but it would require the group to maintain the receptacles and bring the filled bags to a location within the school for pick up by CLINK. I don’t think it will be a lot of work, but only time will tell.

There will be more information on this program when school begins.


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