June 11, 2012

June 11 – All laptops should have been collected and placed in the appropriate charging stations. Please send to the office the inventory sheets that were completed by you during the turn in process. It would be helpful ti Mike Nash if you could highlight the aberrations from the sheet so he can more easily reconcile the sheets. From my own experience, there will be considerable work for Mike reconciling the chargers.

June 11 – Just a reminder about Veronica Scontras’ offer to host a get together at her house. I am including her email as a reminder.

Hello Fellow Staff Members,
It has been gloomy weather for a few weeks, and the start of next week looks good.  Since we all scatter our separate ways on Wednesday, I am having a gathering at my house on Monday (June 11).  We have lots of chairs, a net for volleyball/badminton, and a putting green of sorts.
You can bring…..beverage of choice, side dish/salad or dessert.  If you wish to bring a chair that’s fine, but I have seating for about 30 or so.
You can also bring a pitching wedge if you’d like to have a bit of a golf contest.
Hope to see you there,

Thank you, Veronica, for opening your home to us!

June 12 – District-wide step up day. Here is how the day will look:
Placement lists will be sent to the elementary principals on June 11. Our teachers will receive their advisory lists the morning of June 12.
From 8:00-9:00 each team is free to create their own schedule. There will not be any AA, Lab or special education classes on this day.

Phase 1:
Buses will arrive and load children at the (3) K-5 elementary schools at 9:00 am. The buses will arrive at our school from the sending schools by about 9:10 – 9:15. (nothing happens until all the 5th graders arrive)

When the elementary buses have arrived and unloaded the 5th graders (to the auditorium), the office will call the 8th grade to load the buses and take off for GHS. All ed. techs (minus those needed for FLS) will travel with our 8th graders along with Melanie and Kristen for “walking practice”.

Phase 2:
Hopefully at 9:15 the office will ask 6th grade teachers and advisors to bring their current students into the cafeteria. The kids are to gather near the name placard of their new advisor that will be on the wall somewhere around the room. The 6th grade teachers will then proceed to the auditorium to pick up their new advisees and head back to their team areas.

At 9:20, the office will ask 7th grade teachers and advisors to walk their students into the 8th grade wing and help them find their new advisor quickly. The 8th grade will have an easel and chart in the common area to help point students in the right direction. Then 7th grade teachers need to head down to the cafeteria and pick up their new group of advisees and head back into their team areas.

** be prepared to have your new students during Step Up Day from 9:15 – 11:00.
** remember ed. techs are at the GHS so there are not others to help with these transitions.

Phase 3:
At 11:00 5th graders will be returned to the auditorium and will board buses to head back to their schools at 11:15.
At 11:01 8th grade advisors will walk their new students (7th graders) to the lunch room.
(7th grade teachers will have their lunch at 11:01)
At 11:05 7th grade students will be brought back to their 6th grade teaching teams, and 6th graders will go to 3rd lunch at 11:27.
(6th grade teachers will have lunch at 11:27)

For 6th and 7th grade:
The rest of the day 11:30- 2:00 is Team/Cluster time. Set your own schedule.

8th grade only:
The 8th graders will load buses at GHS at 11:45. They will head out to the 8th grade barbeque which will be outside (start praying now!!) from 12:00-1:00 pm. All 8th grade teachers need to be present to help organize kids, serve food and help with the clean up. At 1:00 the 8th graders will go into the auditorium to see the 8th grade slide show and to hear last minute thoughts for their celebration. They should be totally packed up and ready to be dismissed from the auditorium. We expect that all 8th grade teachers are present with their students in the auditorium throughout the afternoon.

June 13 – Students will be dismissed at 11:10. We ask that all teachers please turn in their sign out sheet to the office before departing for the day.

Other Stuff

Lunch Schedule this Week

Please remember that we have adjusted the lunch schedules to accommodate the 8th grade being out of the building on Monday and Tuesday.

Summer Work

Everyone who submitted a Summer Work Proposal should have received confirmation from Rhonda on Friday. Please plan to submit a copy of your work to Susie and me when completed. It is also important to remember that the school will be shut down to all on June 20 until August 13 for summer maintenance so you will not have access to classrooms or the Library during that time.

Checkout Sheets

Each of you has a Checkout Sheet entitled “Closing Up Shop” in your mailbox today. Please Complete this form and return it to the office before you leave school on Wednesday. The last entry is very important for our Summer work, so please make sure that you list any presence you have in cyberspace (wiki, blog, web site, etc).

Lost and Found

Please remind your students to check the Lost and Found rack in the foyer outside the office. Any clothing left after Wednesday will be sent to Goodwill.

The Learning Team Survey

We have closed down the Learning Team Survey, allowing teachers to indicate their interest in a particular topic. We will begin the process of creating the individual Learning Teams and we will email you the results during that last week of June. We had a great response, almost everyone participated in the survey. I believe, after a cursory review, that we can accommodate almost everyone’s first or second choice.

Over the course of the Summer I am planning to post interesting (to me) articles for each of the topics. If you are looking for some material on your team, you can check out this site. If you find something interesting, please forward it along and I will include it for others to enjoy.

In that vein, I offer this blog response from an educator in Alberta, Canada. It offers some ideas about assessment and about student motivation:

What a Zero Really Says

Just in this one interaction among educators, there appear to be some real issues that will need a great deal of work… and that is only two of the topics we are planning to work on in the coming months.

Enjoy your Summer Break!


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