June 1, 2012

Important Dates

So, let’s begin with an apology. For some unknown reason (to me) this week didn’t have a Monday (go figure), not really sure where it went! So we will do a “Saturday Memo” this week (how about that!).

Beginning June 1- The Library will be closed for Inventory for the rest of the school year. This is the time that I remind all teachers to remind their students that all books need to be returned to the Library. Any student who has an unresolved book issue with the Library will be charged to replace the book. Please remind the students to check in with the Library to see if they have any outstanding books.

We will begin calling students who have outstanding books to the office to get a resolution, either a book returned or a payment for the missing book.

June 1 -All 7th grade students have been sent a link, via FirstClass email in which they will indicate their preference for a Foreign Language next year. They may choose either French or Spanish. 7th Grade teachers, if you could please encourage your students to make this choice before Monday of next week, it would be greatly appreciated.

June 1 – We have also sent a link to a survey to all students at GMS, via FirstClass to get their impressions of our Advisory Program and our EICAL offerings for the current year. We will keep that link open to students until next Friday, so please encourage them to complete this as well. This is designed to allow our students to have some substantive input into the future of these programs.

June 1 -Last Survey link (I promise… for today!). We are sending out to all faculty a list of preferences for the Learning Teams for next school year. We have discussed 5 different topics for exploration next year and we recognize that, in order to make this process really work, folks need to have some interest in the topic they will explore. We have tried to describe the work that needs to be done (in very, very short terms) and allow you to indicate whether that is a first choice, second or third choice. We will try to give everyone their first choice, but we reserve the right to make adjustments where necessary. Click on this link to access the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Z85JJ8Z

June 1 – We still have a few openings for chaperones for tonight’s gala 5th grade block party and middle school dance. the fun begins at 6:00 pm. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to be here for this incredible evening of fun and energy.

June 4 – Little River Team Family night in the 7th grade wing from 5:30 to 6:30

June 5 – is the first 8th grade Step Up experience. All 8th grade students and all teachers will be going to GHS for the morning. The buses will arrive at 9:00 am. to transport everyone. Students and our teachers report to MPAC (auditorium) to be welcomed and to review the events within the visit. They will be dismissed to their GHS advisory, and then they will “walk through” a compressed schedule in order to find and meet all their teachers. Everyone will return to MPAC at 11:05. The buses will return and pick them up at 11:15 and we plan to have them back here for the 3rd lunch on that day.

** The 6th grade teams and AA teachers please be aware of this change as well.

June 7 – The GMS Chorus and Steel Bands will be performing in the GMS Auditorium beginning at 6:00 pm. Now, it should be noted that this is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill concert, this is also a cookie bake-off! Students’ families will be bringing in for your tasting pleasure, their favorite home-baked cookies for you to sample and judge. Each participant will have an opportunity to vote for their most favorite cookie. The winning cookie entry will receive the coveted “cookie cup”, or something! In any event, it is an evening of great music and good tastes.

Also, since the Chorus and Steel Band will be rehearsing during the day, Tracy has offered to put on a couple of performances for the school. If you would like your team to enjoy the wonderful and joyful sounds of music and island music, please let Tracy know what time you would like to attend a performance.

Other Stuff

District-wide Step Up Day

We will be sending out to all faculty the details of the step up day in an email early next week. This much we have “nailed” down as definite, June 12 beginning at 9:00 activities will begin. There will be some changes in the lunch schedule for that day and all GMS teachers and advisers will meet their students for next year.

There are some of the nuances that are still in need of fine-tuning, so rather than get wrong information out to you, we’ll solidify the plan and get it out ot all next week. Thanks for your patience.


We are in the final stages of placing all of the students for next year. We should be able to get your class list out to in time for Step-Up Day. We are keeping the lists safe by hermetically sealing them in a jar and placing them under the front porch of Funk and Wagnals until the appointed hour of release. Please do not try to squeeze any early information from those of us involved in the very secretive process, consequences for the early release of this information could have dire consequences for all. Thank you for understanding.

OK, I am just kidding about the dire consequences!

ELA Teachers, Librarians and All Who Have Student Write!

First, I think that title should cover most of us!

As you all know, (since I have mentioned many times here and at faculty meetings), I am a devoted user of Twitter. I recently came across an interesting learning activity for teachers and librarians from a former middle school English teacher turned author. She is conducting an online learning workshop beginning June 4th and running through most of the summer. It’s free (my favorite kind!) and it is very relaxed, stop in when you can or when the spirit moves you. For more information check out this link.

GMS Learning Teams

A little earlier in this memo, I mentioned the survey for indicating your interest in a particular group. With that in mind, I was looking at some information available on the subject of motivating the unmotivated student and came across a blog entry by Larry Ferlazzo. Larry is a high school social studies teacher and an author on the subject of motivation. Check out his link here. You may need an account ED Week to access this, but it is free and very easy to do.

How to Find the Source of a Picture

Can’t figure out the source of an image you found online? There’s an easy trick you might not know about — and it’s an essential tool for citing sources. Students who find images they want to use in projects need to follow the appropriate rules of citation: state the title and the original source. But with so much misinformation and mis-attribution online, students might either change the research topic to avoid the problem altogether or simply cite the source poorly. Check out this link to help your students.

High School Sports Sign-ups

Over these last few days for our 8th graders, there will be several of the HS coaches wanting to meet with nest year’s freshman. Most of these meetings should happen before or after school. The meetings before school may make a student late for their advisory period and attendance. Please make yourself aware of these meetings by reading the daily announements.


One thought on “June 1, 2012

  1. Thank you for the resource links. They sound awesome. I’m always looking for new learning opportunities!

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