May 21, 2012

Upcoming Dates

May 23 – Faculty meeting in the GMS Library beginning at 2:03 pm. Food will be provided by the Office. Our agenda will include the usual celebrations, a review of the Learning Teams topics, Updates on NWEA Testing, Technology Time. We will then break out into

May 24  We will have about 10 students attending the state MLTI Conference in Orono, they will be leaving the school around 6:00 am and will not return until after 5:30 pm. There will be a list of students who are attending sent out to all teachers, please take note and mark those students as being present in school.

May 24 – Little River will host an evening event showcasing their work for the families. The evening will begin at 5:00 pm and all are invited to view the students’ work.

May 25 – 26 – Gorham Founders Festival will held on the grounds of the Narragansett School on Friday and Saturday. There will be some terrific games and amusement rides for all ages as well as lots of great food (ahhhh. smell that fried dough!), several of our groups from the Middle School will have booths at the Festival trying to raise funds for different trips and other activities. Friday night, the Motor Booty Affair will provide the music and nostalgia for our listening and dancing entertainment.

May 28 – Memorial Day Holiday and we will not have school (duh!), but some of our students will be participating in the Gorham Memorial Day Parade. Kim Mathieu and her Marching Band will entertain the parade watchers.

May 30 – Leadership Team meeting beginning at 2:30 in Melanie’s room. an agenda for the meeting will follow.

June 1 – The Middle School event, affectionately known here as the Step-Up Dance and known at the Elementary Schools as the Block Party, will be held in the GMS Gymnasium beginning at 6:00pm until 8:00 pm. There will be lots of music (as always) but we will also have our annual dog, heart grabbing event supplied by Canine Connection, Dippin’ Dots, a bounce house and lots of other stuff as well.

Beginning June 1- The Library will be closed for Inventory for the rest of the school year. This is the time that I remind all teachers to remind their students that all books need to be returned to the Library. Any student who has an unresolved book issue with the Library will be charged to replace the book. Please remind the students to check in with the Library to see if they have any outstanding books.

We will begin calling students who have outstanding books to the office to get a resolution, either a book returned or a payment for the missing book.

June 5 – 8th grade step up day. All 8th grade students and teachers will be going to the High School for the morning to participate in the Step-up Day activities planned by the High School. Students will leave the Middle School at 9:00 and return at 11:10. 7th grade will eat lunch during the second lunch and 8th grade will eat third lunch. Any questions, please speak with Susie or me.

Circle These Dates

  • June 6 – Faculty Celebration of the school year
  • June 7 – The GMS Chorus and Steel Band Concert and Cookie Bake-off
  • June 8 – 2nd Annual GMS Film Festival
  • June 12 – Step-up Day for whole school. We will get a schedule out in the coming days
  • June 12 – Celebration of Middle School, this year we will hold the parent portion of the evening at the High School. More information to follow.
  • June 13 – Last day of school! (Like I needed to reminded anyone!)

Other Stuff

8th Grade Teachers, Attention

We are currently collecting the signatures of all of the 8th grade students for the T-shirt that will be given to each at the Celebration ceremony. As you can imagine, it is quite a task making sure that no one gets left out. Please be patient (as I know you all are) when someone comes into your advisory or EICAL period seeking signatures of the students. This should happen today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday).

Laptop Collection at the End of the Year

On June 8th all student laptops will be collected and placed into the charging stations. Each Adviser will receive a roster of your Advisees complete with the Laptop Device number assigned to you students, the Charger number assigned to your student and a check-off for the laptop carrying case. The responsibility of the Adviser is to check that each student is passing in the equipment originally assigned to them.

We do recognize that some students have had new laptops and chargers issued to them because of breakage, etc., but the rosters will be updated to reflect these new numbers.

If a student does not have the laptop we show assigned, then take the laptop in and record the new number ion the roster for that student. It may just be a clerical error and we can fix that later. Students who do not turn chargers in, or turn in chargers with numbers not assigned to them, do the same as with the laptop. We’ll find where the problem is later and address it directly with the student and the family.

Finally, every student should turn in a carrying case. Please note any student who doesn’t and we’ll deal with the student and family later.

Step-up Day for the Whole School

As we have done for the past 5 years, we will hold our step-up day on June 12. We are currently coordinating with Transportation for buses from the Elementary Schools. Those buses will take our 8th graders to the HS for practicing for the Celebration Exercises and then returning them to the Middle School for their cookout. We will get more specific with these details in the coming days.

Activities Calendar

Please check the activities calendar on FirstClass to make sure that your trips are listed and to make sure that you are not conflicting with another group’s activity. If your event is not listed, please contact Kristen and let her know so that it may be included on the calendar.

Brain Based Teaching

I can only speak for me, but I found Chris Kaufman’s talk of the Brain and Learning quite interesting. I hope that all of you found something that you could take away to bring to your classroom.

Brain Research and Learning is a topic that we will explore in much greater detail with the work of the Learning Teams next school year. I am looking forward to that work and what we all can discover. I think that there is quite a bit we can learn to use in our classrooms.


Please remind all of your students that the last day for ordering Yearbooks is Friday May 25. Students will be taking orders from students each morning in the Foyer from 7:30 until 7:45. The price of the yearbook is $22.00 and it must be paid at the time of the order.


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