May 7, 2102

  • May 7 – District Leadership Team will meet at the Middle School beginning at 3:15 until 4:45. You should have received an email with a reading attached that you expected to read in preparation for this meeting.
  • The May 7th District Wide Leadership meeting has been cancelled.
  • May 9 – Faculty Meeting in the GMS Library beginning at 2:30. While we are still working on the actual agenda, we will be formulating the work of the Learning Teams for next year, as well as several other items of importance. I will get the actual agenda out next week. Food will be provided by the Support Services folks.
  • May 10 -All 8th grade students will be administered to MEA Science Assessment during the morning. There will be a schedule coming out later next week with details of the testing.
  • May 11 – GMS Chorus and Jazz Band Students will be participating in a competition at Funtown USA all day. Students do understand that they will be responsible for any work missed. Please let Tracy or Kim know if you are unsure if any of your students will be participating.
  • May 11 – School dance sponsored by the 8th grade will begin at 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm
  • May 14 & 16 – We will be hosting students from the  Cape Elizabeth Middle School Chorus on Monday for rehearsals and for a joint concert with our “World Renowned” GMS Chorus. It should be a wonderful night of music and high energy. Join us at 7:00 for this great evening.
  • May 16 – Celebration of Middle School Pizza Fundraiser pick up day. The pizzas will be ready for pick up by parents at 12:30. 8th Grade teachers please let your students who sold pizzas that this is the day their parents should plan to pick up.
  • May 16  – Leadership Team Meeting in Melanie’s room beginning at 2:30 pm. An agenda will be forth coming.
  • May 17 – All 8th grade students and teachers will be attending the annual Physics Day at Funtown. The buses will leave at 9:00 am.

Content Area “Stuff”

All Content Areas

I know we complain and lament the idea of video games and how much time our students spend on them. In this blog entry, Belinda Hewes, a grade 12 English teacher in Australia, and a 2004 graduate of the University of New England’s Distance Learning Program, offers up this thought about the Bronte sisters and the question about whether they would have created an imaginary world using Minecraft. A very interesting read. Belinda Hewes

I’ve mentioned the Discovery Educators Network in past posts for the very rich content of their blogs. In this entry the share links with several simulations the cover the problems of pandemic. For those teachers who are teaching history in the early 1900’s this could help explain the Spanish Flu pandemic just after WW I. Check it out here.


We have introduced all of us the the new TED Ed videos that are now being produced by the good folks at TED and developed by teachers like you. I came across these four videos about Language. The video on how Shakespeare used language to insult one’s foes is pretty interesting given how our students try to use language to state their feelings about someone with little appropriateness or success. TED Ed Videos


You all know that I spend a fair amount of time monitoring my Twitter feed, and I try to follow several folks in the education field. I came across this feed about Twitter use in the classroom and it took me to a great math video game site with several games for different grade levels. Check it out here.


Nature: It’s more than just a faraway beach or mountain. It’s a fantastic factory that makes the building blocks of all our lives – food, drinking water, the stuff we own and the air we breathe. It makes amazing memories, and even protects us from floods and storms! This is an interesting site from the Nature Conservancy.

Other Stuff

NWEA Testing

We should be back on schedule for the NWEA testing this week. Please make sure you follow the schedule that Melanie sent out last week with the new times etc. Also, if you have any difficulties please report them to the office immediately upon experiencing them. Here’s to keeping the fingers crossed!

May 18th, Our Next Early Release Day

The student portion of this day will be dedicated to the many different Community Service activities of each advisory. Please send a brief description of your activity to Kim Bennett so we can document all of the great things going on for the Gorham Times. If you are looking for a good idea for your advisory, you may want to contact Sandy Morrell about her walk-a-thon for Special Olympics.

The Teacher portion of this afternoon will be held in the Auditorium as we will hear from Psychologist (and parent of an 8th grader on the MDI team) Chris Kaufman. His topic will be Literacy and Numeracy and the Brain. I think this will be an excellent follow up for the work we have done to date.

I will get more information out to you in the weeks ahead.

Activities Calendar

Please check the calendar on First Class for all of the upcoming activities. We need to make sure that the dates, times and events are all properly recorded. If you do not see an activity you have planned or if there is an error in date of time, please let Kristen know ASAP. If you are unsure of which one is the Activities Calendar it is this icon.


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