April 30, 2012

  • Apr 30 – We have a Sea Dog’s player scheduled to visit us on Monday, he should arrive around 10:00 am. If you’d like to have him visit your classroom, please let me know.
  • May 2 –Team Leaders meeting in Melanie’s room beginning at 2:30 until 4:00
  • May 4 – The GMS Special Olympians will be competing in the Regional Competition of the Special Olympics at Windham High School. As we have done in the past, we would like to give them a great send off to their competition. I will get you the exact time of their departure on Friday and we’ll let you know when to gather for the great send off.
  • May 7 – District Leadership Team will meet at the Middle School beginning at 3:15 until 4:45. You should have received an email with a reading attached that you expected to read in preparation for this meeting.
  • May 9 – Faculty Meeting in the GMS Library beginning at 2:30. While we are still working on the actual agenda, we will be formulating the work of the Learning Teams for next year, as well as several other items of importance. I will get the actual agenda out next week. Food will be provided by the Support Services folks.
  • May 10 -All 8th grade students will be administered to MEA Science Assessment during the morning. There will be a schedule coming out later next week with details of the testing.
  • May 11 – GMS Chorus and Jazz Band Students will be participating in a competition at Funtown USA all day. Students do understand that they will be responsible for any work missed. Please let Tracy or Kim know if you are unsure if any of your students will be participating.
  • May 11 – School dance sponsored by the 8th grade will begin at 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm.
  • May 14 & 16 – We will be hosting students from the  Cape Elizabeth Middle School Chorus on Monday for rehearsals and for a joint concert with our “World Renowned” GMS Chorus. It should be a wonderful night of music and high energy. Join us at 7:00 for this great evening.

GMS Night at the Sea Dogs

What a great night for GMS at Hadlock Field on Friday night! The evening began with Mr Belding from the hit TV Show Saved by the Bell, giving all of the teachers who were being honored by the Sea Dogs and Electricity Maine, a great motivational speech and a very nice thank you for a great job. From there our very own Jason Lambert threw a perfect strike with the ceremonial first pitch and we capped off the great night with a stirring rendition of the National Anthem by our very own Gorham Middle School Student Chorus. It was night to be proud of all of the great things we do here in Gorham.

NWEA Testing

We should have all received an email from Melanie informing us of some possible problems with beginning the NWEA’s on Monday and that 8th grade teachers should be prepared for a normal day on Monday. I am not sure what is causing the problems, or even when they may be fixed. I can promise you that our Tech Department is working on fixing the problem and doing the best they can, as fast as they can. We’ll let everyone know when it is fixed.

Learning Teams

Over the past few months we have discussed the formation of learning teams to explore several topics of interest and/or concern that that seem to rise to the top on occasion during the year. At the faculty meeting on May 9th we will start the process of forming each team and finalizing the exact topics each ream will explore.

You may remember (or not), some of the topics that were brought up at a recent faculty meeting were:

Formative Assessment (this one is a guarantee!)
Effective Teams and what makes them effective
Grading practices, its purpose
Culture and Climate
Literacy and Numeracy
Parent and Community Relations
Brain research and learning
Motivating the unmotivated learner

This will be a large portion of our work over the next couple of years, so we will all need to develop comfort levels with this. I understand that this may seem a rather daunting task. It is, but it is work that we must do. I will thank you, in advance, for all of your hard work and commitment to this work.

8th Grade Pizza Fundraiser

All monies and orders should be into Kristen by Monday Afternoon. These funds help pay for the costs associated with 8th Grade Celebration, things like decorations, dance, food and drink, etc. The pizzas will be delivered on Wednesday, May 16th. All students will have to be prepared to bring their orders home on this day.

May 18th, Our Next Early Release Day

The student portion of this day will be dedicated to the many different Community Service activities of each advisory. Please send a brief description of your activity to Kim Bennett so we can document all of the great things going on for the Gorham Times. If you are looking for a good idea for your advisory, you may want to contact Sandy Morrell about her walk-a-thon for Special Olympics.

The Teacher portion of this afternoon will be held in the Auditorium as we will hear from Psychologist (and parent of an 8th grader on the MDI team) Chris Kaufman. His topic will be Literacy and Numeracy and the Brain. I think this will be an excellent follow up for the work we have done to date.

I will get more information out to you in the weeks ahead.

Activities Calendar

Please check the calendar on First Class for all of the upcoming activities. We need to make sure that the dates, times and events are all properly recorded. If you do not see an activity you have planned or if there is an error in date of time, please let Kristen know ASAP. If you are unsure of which one is the Activities Calendar it is this icon


2 thoughts on “April 30, 2012

  1. Hi Bob
    The Special Ed team will be joining a K-12 meeting with Katie and Kathy during the time Chris Kaufman is here at GMS. Many of us are interested in hearing what he has to share. Would it be possible to record his presentation so those of us who cannot attend can watch it at a different time?

    Thanks for the reminders about the Special Olympics!

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