This is a short test and an interesting Blog entry

Do You Remember How to Follow Our Monday Memo?

So, first, this would be a test to see who will follow the Monday Memo Blog. If you have forgotten, that’s OK, I will give you the directions right now!

If you look at the lower right hand corner of the screen you will see a button that says [Follow]

It looks like this:Point your cursor in it and click, up will come this:

Insert your email address where indicated and then click on sign me up.

There you have it you will be a faithful follower… Yea……..!

Interesting Blog

The Discovery Education Network has invited several folks to Washington DC to participate in a workshop that will exam education “Beyond the Textbook”. So far I have seen two Bloggers who have been invited and Davis Warlick is asking for folks to contribute to hos ideas with an entry of 150 words or less. You can offer him some suggestions by going to his Blog and entering your ideas. Have fun! David Warlick’s Blog

That’s it for now.


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